Hey! It's starlight princess here and you know what time it is? CONFESSION TIME!! That's Right, I am every so often going to do a post confessing things about myself. Today's goal is going to be 25 confessions. During times like these you may hear some of my deepest darkest secrets and some really silly things and some bizarre things. If the post becomes too long then I'll continue it in another post xD Feel free to leave a comment or two with some of your own confessions if you want! I won't stop you.

(I could have did waaay better on making this picture. I apologize for the quality.)


1. I don't like cats

2. My face is a ball magnet. (No matter where I am at, if there's a ball
present it will hit me.)

3. I like to be alone.

4. I often draw in the dark.

5. I'm lazy at times.

6. I frequently trip over things that aren't there.

7. I have the tendency to space out ore then I should.

8. I like violent things.

9. My favorite thing to eat is chips.

10. I mostly stay up all night and sleep all day.

11. I cannot sleep on my back

12. One time I fell down the stairs... 4 times in a roll all on the same day.

13. I have drunken spoiled milk before.

14. I pretend not to hear people just so they can repeat themselves.

15. I am currently in a relationship with several fictional characters.

16. I will argue with someone even after I realize I'm wrong.

17. People freak me out.

18. I tell people that I was never born, and in fact I was hatched from a box
in the ocean.

19. I watch desperate housewives

20. My best friend use to be a plant when i was in kindergarten.

21. I never had any friends when I was little.

22. I cried when I went to see my plant and someone had step on it and kilt it.

23. I was a weird kid.

24. I didn't get a real friend until I was in 4th grade. sad right?

25. I never had enemies.