Hi welcome to my xbox 360 hits.I will be posting up video games that i have played and give short reviews on these hot xbox 360 titles.Please feel free to comment and most of all enjoy your stay thanks!!


I had a very good time playing this video game.i really like the graphics and the solid game play.I like how the game allows you to play a first person shooter role and then in other areas of the game you can travel to different areas in modified doom buggy type vehicles. Also there are some areas of the game where you can make money betting oh card games, money which will be needed to make upgrades to your weapons and vehicles .The game starts as the world is now a wasteland.survivors of the Apophis asteroid are force to adapted.The world is now inhabited by human bandits and mutants which are divided into groups and gangs.You emerge from the ark which is are cryogenic pods holding humans that were freezed to later repopulate the human race when awakened.It is known as the Eden project.Once awakened you are attacked by a group known as the ghost clan, you are saved and brought to a local civilization, there you help complete tasks for the town until later called upon by a group call the resistance.It is up to you to recover the remaining arks to begin the true fight against the authority.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

This game was amazing to play, the graphics are so life like.It's probably one of the best games i've play to date.In dog days you play as James Seth Lynch for most of the time.And in co-op if one is availible is played by Adam "Kane" Marcus.The two part ways from the last incident in the first game.Lynch starts a new life in Shanghai with his new girl friend Xiu.Kane is still wrapped up in a crime organization led by English-born ex-pat Glazer.Glazer has an offer for Lynch to smuggle guns into africa.Lynch offers kane a split of the profits if he will join him.The job would be benificial to both kane and lynch if they survive what comes next.A very dangerous series of events!

Quake 4

I really love playing through this game.The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is fun.The game can seem dark and scary at times and action is almost nonstop.Quake 4 starts from the last quake 2 game.You are faced against a alien race known as the strongg.You play as a marine soldier named Matthew Kane who is a member of the rhino squad a military outfit.The rhinos are in charge of attacking the stronggos home planet,on the course to this alien world the ship kane is traveling on is shot down.Kane must find a way to regroup with his comrades and destroy the strongg.

Star Wars:The Force Unleashed 2

I had been waiting to play this game and I had heard from video articles that it wasn't very good because of the length of the game, but when i played it didnt matter that it was lengthly game.I had a very good time playing this game.The game play is excellent and the visuals are superb.The game starts six months after the first game, you play as Starkiller a clone created by Darth Vader to be his new apprentice, but does not meet vaders expectations.Starkiller has a vision of him being destroy by Vader for his failure to kill a droid (in the form of Juno from the first game).Being held at Kamino, starkiller escapes after defeating storm troops and tie fighters.Starkiller must embark on a epic quest to reveal his true identity, and to search for his true love Juno Eclipse.

Crysis 2

I really had a good time playing through Crysis 2 for xbox 360 a first person shooter.This video games visuals and gameplay are top notch.This game is beautiful and at times is hard to put down.I played through it within a few days at about 13-14 hours time.The story picks up the from first installment of the crysis video game.You play as a Force Recon Marine soldier named Alcatraz who was giving the nano suit from Army Delta Force officer Laurence "Prophet" Barnes before he dies who returns from the original crysis video game.Crynet the suits developer has been searching for Prophet to recover the nano suit, though they don't know is really Alcatraz.The aliens are back and they have more high powered technology.They are no longer tentacled exosuits seen in the first game.they're more efficent single suited alien high tech war machines.