hey this is a blog for naruto/naruto shippuden fans only we will talk about fav characters or different scenes of the series so lets have fun alright :3


A dearest friend of mine who would always make me smile who would always be there when i needed him who would always try to make sure i never was alone passed away yesturday im sure im not the only one who posted something like this but his name is Aaron Lamoureaux aka Grand Baham as anyone on here knew him he was the most generous person i knew and i will miss miss him with all my heart so please keep him in your prayers and keep his memory alive on here cus he will be missed by so many people who knew him but not as much as i will miss him

Real folk blues

Here is the ending theme for all you cowboy bebop fans


Wanted to wish everyone a wonderful christmas and happy new year ^^


this is for everyone who have felt lost without thier most precious loved ones


ok i know i haven't posted on here in like forever or maybe a few weeks but ive been going through some stuff recently and havent posted in a good while but im here now and will try to keep up with them :3