Welcome to Konoha High! Here you will take normal classes along with a few you can sign up for. But there are a few rules you have to follow.

NO fighting unless one is called for (ex. Someone starts trouble and another person gets mad and throws the first punch
No killing anything darn it!
Only TWO (2) OCs max.
Not too much cussing (none at all if possibly)
You must fill out the file below and send it to me or comment on the first post

Clothes Out Of School:
Occupation?: (student, teacher, etc.)
Job?: (help out in the community basically)
Anything Else You Can Think Off?:

Here is the Teacher list

Anko and Kabuto-Chemistry
Jiraiya-Language Arts
Shizune-Home Economics
Baki-Mathematics (This class will always be funny XD)

CatWolfStories-Tammi Minamoto
XxRaindropsxX-Kyoko Uchiha
XxXWinXGirlXxX-Kasumi Kimura
kyouyarenge-Tsuki (Inuzuka)

Second Period

After introducing each other, I started reading my book as Kakashi started. After an hour the bell rang for us to head to second period. I put my books in my bag and walked to second period, Home Economics. Suddenly I felt someone tap my shoulder I turned around to see Kisumi.

"Um...what do you have next period?" she asked. "Home economics, you?" I asked back. "Same. Can I walk with you?" I nodded smiling, "Sure" We headed to Home Ec. and when we entered I walked straight over to Kiba, who surprisingly had the same class. "I still don't get why you have home ec. last year you blew up the stove," I whispered to him. "I don't know either," he said.


Totally late...

I got out of bed groaning. Stupid Dark had been walking on my stomachs and licking my face.

"Ugh, just a few mo-" she cut me off withan urgent yip, and I shot up. "CRAP! School!" I shouted. Flying out of bed, I was eating, brushing my hair, and putting on school clothes at the same time. Then I was packing my stuff, brushing my teeth and putting on my shoes. Then Dark leapt into the specialized compartment in my bag and I was off and running.

I reached the school a minute or two late. Checking my schedual, I found myself in Kakashi sensei's History first hour. I skidded outside the door, composed myself, then walked in. The whole class looked over at me. A new girl had just taken her seat. Kakashi gave me his one eyed look.

"I'm so sorry sensei!" I said, using the puppy eyes. "I won't be late again! Promise!" He softened a bit, and nuggied my head. "OWOWOW!" I said.

"Just go sit down." I walked over to my seat in the back, next to Neji-kun. Setting my bag down, I got prepared for class.

Tsuki's File (Kyouyarenge)

Name: Tsuki (Inuzuka)

Age: 16

Gender: female

Personality: Rather nice when you get to know her, but rather quiet and spacey. She's definately not shy but only outgoing around her friends. Enjoys company, and hates people who throw their own pity paties. Definately independent.

Looks: Dark hair, ice blue eyes, about 5'11", slightly pale, but with a hint of a tan. She weighs about 108lbs, and is rather attractive (some people will compare her to Tsunade, then take it back)

Clothes outside of school: mesh Shirt with sleeves that cut off just past the shoulders, black, low cut tank top, skin tight black pants, soft black flats, almost like ballet shoes. Carries a light black bag with various equipment and herbs

Occupation: student

Job: Waitress in a bar at night

Anything else you can think of?: She's a cousin of Kiba, unknown to everyone (including herself). Grew up on her own with her black wolf pup, Dark. He's been small for a long time, but is expected to grow to Akamaru's size in the Shippuden. She's taught herself all that she knows.

1) History
2) Music
3) Gym
4) Math
5) Biology
6) Language Arts

History Class

Finally! We are moving again!

The teacher told me to take a seat, and a young girl waved her hand at me, telling me to sit next to her. I nodded as I made my way over to the desk she was gesturing at. I looked over the mass of people, all kind of just giving me quick, short glances.

I caught sight of the girl that looked a lot like me. It was bizarre how similar our faces looked, but she kept her head down, so I was unable to get a good look. It was probably my overactive imagination working up.

I took a seat at my desk and turned to the girl who had waved at me. "Hi!" I smiled at her. "I'm Kasumi!"

"I'm Tammi!" she replied, a smile plastered on her face. "That's Naruto, by the way. He's a knucklehead!"

"Nice to meet you guys! Please take care of me, I am very new here!" I told them, bowing to them politely.


Hoping In

OMG I'm soooooooooo sorry you guys!. I got distracted for a few months with school and all and I completely forgot I'm so sorry!!!! Please forgive me??
Me and Naruto had just made it to class as Kakashi-sensei was dealing with a new student. I looked at her face and noticed she looked almost like Kyoko! I ran to my seat next to the window right before Kakashi walked in with the new girl.

"Everyone I would like you to meet Kasumi Kimura. She is new here and I would like you all to treat her nicely. Now if you would open your books we can get started," he said.

"Kasumi-chan! You can sit next to me!" I said pointing to the empty seat next to me. She smiled and sat down next to me.

I opened my history book but also a book I could read during this time. I got bored easily during History.

Again I'm am so sorry you guys! T^T I didn't mean to be gone!