I wake up to see the face of the women that gave birth to me that wishes to be my friend.
I wake to the face of a man who is not my father next to The Women, he is an alien; an illegal; a wetback.
I wake to the noise of my brother playing with his toys and to the noise of buttons by my sisters texting.
Though the company of my siblings help somewhat I still feel trapped in this prison that The Women calls home
I count the days, the hours, the minuets, even the seconds till can return to my true home with my sister and brother hand-in-hand walking to the open arms of our loving father.
Feeling overwhelmed with the feelings of safety, security, and warmth as we step inside.
This is what I will be feeling from now on as we are switched off back and forth, I can only hope that this will be over soon.

I dream of returning home while I lay awake to the noise of sirens in the dark night fighting back tears and feeling the emotions of abandonment. Please let me go to sleep and dream.

I wrote this while at my moms in the middle of the night while she wasnt home