Hey there! Welcome to Narutos World! I hope you guys enjoy it and maby you can give me some pointers on what would make it better. Anyhow if you love Naruto just like me then you'll enjoy yourselves here!

Newbie To Naruto?

If your new to the world of Naruto then I'll help you catch up on what you miss and the characters. Characters first of course. Naruto Uzamaki (not the worlds best speller so please pm me and tell me if i tear up any of the names and words ) is the hero of the story. 12 years ago a nine tail demon fox was sealed away in him when he was just born. The Fourth Hokage (Leader of kohanagaku) wanted him to be seen as a hero for his sacerfice but that didn't happen. Naruto has no family that we know of so far even though he views Iruka and Sasuke as part of his family. He use to be the weak dunce that couldn't do anything but now he is the kick-butt hero dunce that can do anything he puts his mind to.Oh and he can use Rasgen(Fourth Hokage move) and summon Toads. Sasuke Uchia- His older hot brother Itachi killed their family when he was only 8( all u older ones help me out if something is wrong). He grew up as an avenger with two goals in mind. Goal 1: restore his family and the second goal was to kill Itachi. Sasuke gains his sharagin (the Uchia family Kenkkei Genkai-blood line trait) at the age of 12 with the help of Naruto when he and Naruto was locked in the Ice Mirror Justo,which is Haku's kekkei Genkai,. He scarficed him self in order to save Naruto but Haku never inteded for him to die which he didn't. Then comes in the Chunin Exams where Orchamaru bit his neck with the Curse Mark Justo. Sasuke obitaned the Heaven Curse Mark. Sasuke learns Chidori from kakashi and finds out Itachi is hunting down Naruto so Sasuke runs off in search for Naruto and Naruto's Master or better known as the Pervy Sage. Sasuke finds them and challenges Itachi. In the end he got his butt kicked and he leaves for Orchimaru and then almost kills Naruto which he finally admit Naruto was his best friend and he was strong. Unforantly are Naruto couldn't bring Sasuke back and Sasuke is now with Orchimaru. Next is my personal least favort character Sakura Haruno- She is one of the Sasuke zombie fangirls. All she cared about was Sasuke. Then she relized she was useless to them. She was deadweight. So she made Tsuande her naster to become a medical ninja. She still loves Sasuke though it's a bit more calmer.
Kakashi Hayta- i just muder his last name. He is the jonin of Squad seven. Naruto,Sasuke, and Sakura's sensei. He is an elite ninja. He was jonin at the age of 12(?). He has the shargin in his left eye. He got it from Obito Uchia for a gift when Obito had died from an accident. He is known as the copy ninja. He created the lighting blade justo(chidori in other words). He use to be a Anbu Black Ops. He's sensei was the forth hokage and his two teammates were Obito Uchia and Rin. Well these Four are the mains I'll continue some other time right now i think i'm almost up of space till next time!