Their evil....¬_¬

I swear my teachers have something against us suddenly. We're studying for our prelims, of which the teachers reasure us "Don't worry if you don't get the mark you want, your important exams are in May next year!^^"
We feel safe, then last week -
"These prelims are very very important!! They decide what level your sitting for your exams next year!! Study study STUDY!!"
We though we were safe!?

My physics teacher did the same thing about our Health Physics test, telling us that it was important.
I'm fretting to no end when doing it and then a day later, he tells us "Now, I don't mind if you failed that test."
I just panic way to much!

So this is Vocaloid...

right, I know what Vocaloid is and I know a few of the characters, I just don't know anything about them!!
But this is quite romantic and dark^^

OHSHC- I Can't Decide

I love this and and the AMV is really good too!!v=kDuro9HMy3o&feature=related

Aw! Kweh! >x<

One day, I WILL PLAY LIKE THIS!!! >:O!v=4vR9DqYBQ_4&feature=related

Ouran high school host club FT. Smash Bros

This is actually really very good! And I love how Ike is eating meat at 00.40!