You know you want more of it! They're the best couple in the "Teh Biju Club"
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So, that is why I've (along with Hikari Mogami) have created their own personal worlds. (NekaxHou Place is sooo much better of a world than Earth XD)

Well, we'll post some stuff of fluff soon! Keep in touch!!


I couldn't help but to smile. Francis found his path without Matthew.

Houkou got up and brushed himself off while Francis wiped his face clean and let Hikari go to him.

Houkou embraced Hikari in a hug. I tilted a little before letting Francis take me into a hug also. I rubbed his back in comfort while he gently combed my hair through his fingers.

But all of a sudden a bolt of pain struck through my stomach. I winced and fell to the ground.

"What's wrong?" Francis asked suddenly.

Houkou looked at us and panic and rushed over with Hikari holding his hand.

"My...baby." I breathed.

Francis' eyes widen in shock. Hikari's breath hitched, realizing why Houkou and I left so quickly this morning.

"Neka...Demons don't go through pregnancy like humans...It takes only a few weeks instead of months." Francis gasped.

I looked at Houkou, how the heck were we going to get through this in a few weeks??


Francis chuckled.

"Ok, one more question. Neka, who would you rather have? Hikari...or Matthew?"

I froze and Houkou felt the grip I had on him tighten. I had to chose my words carefully, Francis knows Matthew is dead and Hikari is alive. But, is he saying he could change that?

"What are you saying?!" I snapped, anger was on the rise once again.

He frowned. "Depends I guess. What do you want me to say? That this girl obviously has our brother's power? That there's a chance I could bring him back through her? That we can be a family again??!!"

"What." I whispered.

"Do you know what I had to do when I was with Father? He abused me, Nekomata. He's angry, wishing that Matthew had never died. And he believes it's all my fault, and if there was some way I could...I don't know, bring him back..."

Francis fell on his knees, crying.

Houkou and I didn't move. Silence hit us harshly, letting our thoughts flood.

But, out of no where, Hikari rose her head and gently kissed Francis' right eye, taking away his tears.

There was a difference between Hikari and Matthew. Matthew brought Francis pain, while Hikari took it away.

Francis didn't need Matthew, he needed Hikari. As did the rest of us.

Mistakes or Not

Houkou leaped into another alley. This time, jumping upon someone. He turned part demon and bit deeply into the kidnapper's shoulder. But he wouldn't let go of Hikari.

My eyes glowed with rage and my chakra boiled under this human flesh. I lunged at the other side of the stranger and reached for his throat, my nails breaking skin.

The man looked down at me, frowning somewhat. Our eyes met, I dropped my hand, and Houkou continued to gnaw and attack his back. I realized then, that we made a huge mistake.

I quickly looked at Houkou, blood was splattered on his face. I ran behind him and yanked him off, at the same time my stomach seized in pain.

"Francis." I murmured.

I glanced at Hikari, her hair was now matted with his blood now. Her eyes widen in panic, but she couldn't make a sound.

I realized that seeing us attack and feeling blood trickle down her neck must have reminded her of her past.

I kept my arms locked around Houkou, who was trying to lunge again. Francis kept Hikari safely in his arms, like he was protecting her from us.

Houkou stopped moving, seeing it was Francis, but he growled loudly.

"Why??" I asked. My ears were screaming for the truth.

"Tell me Nekomata, who would you rather have. Me or Hikari?" he asked.

Houkou stopped breathing. I didn't know, and Francis knew what I was thinking.

So, he asked Houkou a question a little bit different.

"Houkou, who would you rather have? Hikari...or Nekomata?"


We ran into town, ignoring passing strangers. Houkou was on Hikari's scent stronger than ever.

My legs ached a little, I couldn't help but wonder if it's good for a pregnant woman to run. But I didn't care, I had to find Hikari. No, WE had to find Hikari.

But, Hikari seemed more important to Houkou than she did to me. I guess Houkou was attracted to her more because I dealt with a power like hers. A power like Matthew's.

I shook my head, erasing Matthew. But another image pulled up, Francis. Personally, he was like a stranger to me. Like Houkou had said, I know everything about him, but don't know him at all.

"This way." Houkou yelled, turning a sharp corner.

To Hikari...

"Where are you taking me?" she asked the man holding her tightly.

"Away from the dangers in the world...A place where I can forever be with you." he whispered the last part.

Hikari became confused. Forever? But why?

She looked up at his calm, concentrated face. Just under his bang covering his left eye, showed a glowing gold eye. It frightened her but seemed to fit him perfectly.

"Who are you..." she said, not asking...But commanding.

He looked down at her and smirked before saying simply.


The search is on

I walked over to the window seal. Nothing seemed different.

"Could it have been one of the Biju?" I asked. So many were apart of the club, maybe one could have been jealous of me and Houkou for being the first to join.

He slowly shook his head. "I doubt it, but it could happen. But only you and maybe Kyuubi know where I live."

I had to agree with that. I gently swiped my fingers across the window's pane. Even the dust was untouched.

"Should we try to find her by her own scent maybe?" I asked.

Houkou got up and picked up her pillow. He put it to his face and took a whiff.

"Got it." he grinned.

"Let's go then."

We swiftly went downstairs and out the door. We'll find you Hikari, I swear with my life.