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heya guy's!!!!!!!!!!!i'm zero~chan, big sister neko ~meow~ this is a world for all my neko family members! ~meow~

now aside from the picture we need more than three neko family members!!!!~meow~ i don't want to have a lonely family! so if you want to be part of are loving family than pm me!!~meow~ you can chose you which family member you are but i would like to get to know you a little better before i let you into our family !~meow~

if you do want to be part of the family than their are three things!~meow~,1) their can be multiple brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, ect. BUT! their can only be one mommy neko, one daddy neko, one grandma neko, and one grandpa neko!~meow~,2) if you want to be a mommy neko, daddy neko, grandma neko, or grandpa neko than i need be friends with you and have good trust in you!!!~meow~3)you can pick your own neko name that all the family members will know you as or you can stick with your username (but makeing up a new name is lot more fun!!)~meow~

i hope you have fun in our family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~meow~

the family members will be poted down here(the third name i the family name~meow~)

big sister = kandafan = zero~chan

lil sister = lulu727 = yuuki~chan

sister = lapaperninja = Natsumi-chan

big brother = naruto uzamaki12 = sora~kun

lil sister = Xxpicklejuice01xX = megumi~chan

lil sister = envythejealous = tsuki-chan

big sister = chiyoko yamamoto = lulu~chan

little sister = kandafan's actual little sister = yumi~chan

little sister = HelloKatty = Estellise~chan or Estelle~chan

aunt = CommanderBloo =makina~chan (or maki~chan)

sister = mikinekochan21 = michi~chan

big sister = forgottenangel1 = Tiger~Lily (or lil~chan)

big sister = BANGxCafe = Alanni~chan

middle sister = seiichilover12 = momoji~chan

lil sister = tykifan = mya~chan

lil sister = Animefan67 = Machi~chan


yo i'm mya~chan!

dis is me! i know i'm awesome


'ello everyone! My name is Tiger-Lily, you can call me Lil-chun. Iz the new big sister. You can ask me anything you want to know about me I'll try to come on here everyday.

I'm the one with White hair. My Twin is the other one but she doesn't go on theO.



yay!!!!!!!!!!! it's a kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(゚、 。 7
l、 ~ヽ
come join my neko family!!!!!!! created by kandafan

please copy this add into your worlds to advertise my neko family this is as close as i can come to makeing an add and if anyone else can please feel free to make one and post it on here to be used~meow~


new sis

i'm so glad that this family is growing so much, we have a new sister michi~chan, so be nice to her, and sora!! be nice!! i'm watching you!~meow~


hey its zero here anutie was havin computer problems so i'm gona post her introduction for her( these are her words):

Heya! It's Auntie MAKINA! I hope to get along with all of you!!
-sniff- I already love all of you!!! TT^TT -hugs random child-
I promise to be the most protective and randomest auntie around! xD
WEEEELLLL Imma head off and have a cookie eating challenge with the big green dinosaur >x3 muahahaha~ WATCHOUT DINOS!!!!>:D
NYU!!! ADIOS!! ~Auntie Maki
(P.S. Any meanies in da family? Well no cookies for you! x3)
I have a picture for it-