Hope you enjoy my site!

Gospel =^.^=

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved." Acts 16:31 in the
bible. =^.^=


sorry i took a while, but
i'm back!
it keeps getting colder and colder!
I hope spring will come soon!
otherwise, i'll be hybernating in my living room!
hope ya'll aren't getting to cold!

Double Awesome!!

Yo! back, as always!!
Thanks for those who have subscribed to me!
I'm looking forward each day to writing my blog!
Has anybody seen my awesomely Kawaii (cute) new avatar?!? It's adorable!

And like my new picture?, I actually have on my 2011 calender, I just tweeked it a bit, So sorry if you can't see the text!

Thanks for visiting!

Nekoguretaku. >.<


Cool! Thanks for all ya'll who have looked at my blog!
I will continue to try my best! Special thanks go to Reviekat, and gingerneko
for their comments! By the way, you can go check out their worlds,
"Cat ears", and "Are we there yet?" !
Thanks again, and I hope you liked my little world! And remember, no need to be shy around me, I LOVE comments!!!



Welcome to my little world!
First You can know a tad bit about me
My name is Cinnamon.
Brown hair, Hazel eyes,
MAJOR otaku,
and I wear Kitty ears every day.
I am not very experienced, and so far only one person has subscribed to me.
I hope you enjoy my little otaku corner!
If you have any comments, it's awesomely A-okay to tell me, Thanks!,