Dark Academy

I got bored, and when I get bored, fan fiction happens. And it just so happens that after a Doctor Who marathon this past Saturday with Symphoniafan, the Doctor was fresh on my mind and extremely easy to write about.

Chapter 1

“Allons-y Rose Tyler!” the Doctor said excitedly. It was obvious from the warm smile Rose gave the Doctor back she harbored much affection for him, affection he probably didn’t recognize. Wren couldn’t help being happy watching them, but then the scene dissolved and was replaced by loud banging.

Wren opened her eyes.

“Breakfast!” came the harsh voice of the Headmistress. All at once the small girl was assaulted with the thoughts and feelings of her classmates and teachers, and she had to struggle to block them out quickly. Wren thought she might have been used to it by now, but it seemed like morning after morning the sensation wasn’t any less painful.

She stumbled out of bed, donning the shapeless beige dress that was her uniform and exiting her sleeping space into the hallway that led to their Dining Hall.

Wren was a student of the Valentine Academy for the Disturbed, which says nothing about her mental state, but rather tells us her parents did not feel like dealing with an Alazarin. Unlike other little girls of her kind, Wren did not enjoy going to clubs, having multiple boyfriends and spreading lies about those she didn’t care for. She rather enjoyed drawing and reading. Instead of black hair, hers grew pure white. Her skin was not the lavender shade customary of females, but rather pale with the slightest touch of pink. The tiny horns poking out of her head were black, not yellow and her eyes were pale lavender, not red. But perhaps the strangest thing of all about Wren was her ability to read minds.

Alazarin were strange, even at an Academy for the Disturbed. In fact, most Alazarin did not end up at such a place, but as was previously mentioned, Wren’s parents did not want to deal with her.

And so here she was.

Wren sat down at her usual spot at the back corner of the hall and began to eat her breakfast.

She longed for the day when she could finally leave the Academy. Its students were violent and sadistic, and the teachers even worse. The only comfort she found was in her dreams of the Doctor and Rose, and those were merely dreams.

After her meal, Wren sat with her eyes closed. Even when she actively suppressed her psychic powers, she could still feel all of her classmates’ minds surrounding her. Specifically at the moment, she could feel four girls approaching her, fur girls she didn’t care for at all.

“So Wren, whatcha thinking about?” one jeered.

“Yeah Wren, what is it?”

Wren did not respond. She hasn’t spoken in years, it wasn’t worth it.

“She’s probably dreaming about her Doctor.”

“Doctor who?” asked one of the other girls. Even Wren looked up, somewhat worried. How could anyone else know about the Doctor?

“You know, the Doctor. Her sleeping space is filled with drawing of him, haven’t you seen them? His name written all over… And guess what? He doesn’t even have horns!”

All four of the girls erupted into shrieking laughter, and something snapped inside of Wren. She could handle insults to herself, but not her Doctor. Anyone but him. She felt her powers explode out of her, sending the four girls flying away. No sooner had she done it than she was tackled by several faculty members and then dragged away from the dining hall, screaming like an animal. Then suddenly Wren felt something pierce her neck, and the world went black.

Wren opened her eyes and her vision was blurred. She was somewhat aware of shackles around her ankles and wrists. However, the world was fuzzy, as if it were submerged under water. And Wren realized something horrible: she couldn’t block out the thoughts. They were swirling around her head, deafening and terrible. Wren screamed and clawed at her face, trying to make them stop.

Doctor! she screamed mentally. Help! Help! In her tortured state she didn’t even remember that the Doctor wasn’t real. And then, overwhelmed by the voices, Wren slumped against the cell wall and blacked out.

This time when Wren came to, it was to an odd noise the likes of which she had never heard before. There was a large blue box materializing outside of the cell. Wren tried to look closer, but her vision was stilled distorted. However, she could still just make out a figure emerging from the box. Wren could hardly believe it: it was the Doctor.

“What have we here?” the Doctor said curiously. Wren whimpered. “Who’s there?” That’s when the Doctor looked over to where Wren was. He was a slim, tall man wearing a brown suit and long coat with messy brown hair and chestnut brown eyes. Reaching into the pocket of his coat, the Doctor approached the door to Wren’s cell. He pointed at the lock with a strange metal tube that emitted a green light. Wren heard a click and the Doctor entered her cell as if it had never been locked.

“Why do they have you locked up then?” he mused, more to himself than anyone in particular. Wren shook her head. “You don’t know? Can you speak?” Wren tried, but then shook her head. It had been too long. “No again? You’re an odd looking once, not at all like the rest of your species. I suppose you’ll want me to help you then?”

Wren nodded and again the Doctor used his device to undo the locks, and once she was freed, Wren pressed her palm to the Doctor’s forehead. He froze and the girl felt the Time Lord’s consciousness flood into her own. Wren almost recoiled; his mind was vast, filled with so much knowledge it was almost crushing. She watched as thousands of memories flitted past her mind’s eye. She recognized some from her dreamed, but others were new and strange to her. Finally after fifteen minutes of this, Wren let go and the Doctor jumped back from her as if she were made of white hot metal.

“What did you do?” he demanded, breathing heavily. “What did you see?”

I’m sorry. I needed to be able to communicate with you Wren said without moving her lips. Then she noticed something. Rose is gone.

She felt a sudden twinge of pain run through the Doctor.

“She’s gone…” he said, looking forlorn. Then suddenly the Doctor snapped back into the moment. “How did you know about Rose?”

Wren quickly examined a few of the Doctor’s memories stored in her mind.

You finally recognized her love for you, and you left her just the same.

“I had no choice!” the Doctor asserted adamantly.

Rose, gone… For some reason this made Wren incredibly sad, but she didn’t have time to dwell on it, as the Doctor was drawing himself up angrily.

“Who and what are you? What is your business with Rose Tyler? Are you the one who sent me this?”

The Doctor displayed a paper with the words “Help!” flashing across it, as well as her location. Wren nodded slowly.

Yes, I’m sorry, allow me to explain. Please sit down. The Doctor eyes her suspiciously, but complied. I am Lucinda Wrencia Cordova, but mostly I go by Wren. You’re correct in assuming I am unlike others of my kind. I am an Alazarin, a mind reader. I can only assume I sent you that unwittingly in my despair and pain. As for Rose, for the past year or so I’ve been seeing you in my sleep… I think I’ve been sharing your dreams.

The Doctor merely shook his head, still breathing just as heavily through gritted teeth.

“Do you even understand what you’ve done? That’s my mind! You know everything about me, you know…” A look of horror and realization came over the Doctor’s face. He looked at Wren. “You know my name.”

Yes, said Wren. I’m sorry, there was no other way.

“Oh I bet there was no other way,” he said angrily. “I’m beginning to regret setting you free. You had better give me a very good reason why you need my help, or else I have a mind to lock you up and leave you here to rot.”

Her, Wren said, her eyes growing wider with fear. The Doctor felt his stomach sink to the bottom of his white trainers.

“What do you mean, ‘her?’” he said, both hearts beginning to beat frantically.

“I would stay very still sir, whoever you are. You are in Valentine’s Academy, and we do not tolerate you’re the presence of those without horns. Now, step away from the prisoner.”

The Doctor turned, his arms raised tentatively. He looked over the woman, who was indeed the Headmistress. She wore her black hair tied tightly behind her head, and her red eyes glared menacingly at the Doctor. Behind her were two large guards who looked as if they might use any excuse to snap the Doctor like a twig.

“So,” said the Doctor. “Why is this one locked up, eh? Did she refuse to do her homework?”

“She attacked four other students,” said the Headmistress callously.

“Oh is that all? I thought she might have done something truly horrible!”

“Your cheek,” said the Headmistress “Is hardly appreciated. But it’s no matter. You’ll have your uses, just the same as her.”

The Doctor swallowed.

“I don’t think I like the sound of that,” he said.

“What, do you think you have a choice in the matter, hornless one?”

The Doctor glanced over to Wren and then to a door just outside the cell.

“Time to go,” he said hastily, grabbing the small Alazarin. And then the Doctor ran for it.