Here is where I keep all my internet I call it. This can vary greatly...from Comics, to nice pix, to just random posts about good sites and videos I may have found on my wanderings. Hope everyone enjoys! BUT REMEMBER...ONLY A PEEK! <3

Face + Palm...tree?

Found another good facepalm poster. I don't think anything can top that Star Trek one, but this one is good on its own too. ^^

Potato Chips


--OH many times was this so very very true. *laughs* Admit've all had at least ONE of these moments. XD

I Support KIRA

I found's so awesome! XD

Supporters of KIRA....Take this Picture and GO FORTH!!! POST ON My FRIENDS! POST ON!! :)

Merry Xmas EVE!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!! To commemorate this lovely day, here are a couple pix following the theme. XD

External Image

External Image

And of Course...have to have Death Note!

External Image

External Image