Here is where I keep all my internet I call it. This can vary greatly...from Comics, to nice pix, to just random posts about good sites and videos I may have found on my wanderings. Hope everyone enjoys! BUT REMEMBER...ONLY A PEEK! <3

You know you're Otaku...

...when you see L and Light in this random card you found on the net. I don't know if it was intentional by the people that made it but....test for yourself. ._.

Sand de Panda!

Okay, I couldn't not post this here. This video made me laugh so hard. And since I was in a mood when I watched it, that's really saying something. I guess it was just sorta...unexpected. ._.

Lord of the Kunais

lol this is just made of epic xD

Playing with L|I|G|H|T

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So, I was doing my homework and I happen on this neat little project. If I'm posting it here, you must realize I found it very fascinating. Soooooo I really wanted to share it with you guys. Be sure to click the video at the very bottom of all the pictures, it's really cool 8D Follow the link on either of the images <33

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KANAME (The Cosplayer)

This guy is amazing...I swear. In every role he plays, he gets everything spot on. The more pictures I see of him, the better and better he is. I think my favorite might be Kaito. But he does everyone wonderfully...and omg...his Grimmjow .///. <3 Click on the picture to get to a gallery full of him in his roles on DA.

Thanks for the link to him, Kas.