Here is where I keep all my internet I call it. This can vary greatly...from Comics, to nice pix, to just random posts about good sites and videos I may have found on my wanderings. Hope everyone enjoys! BUT REMEMBER...ONLY A PEEK! <3

Tesla Bunneh

I must admit, I am posting this mainly for Suki-chan, but it's just toooooo cuuuuuuteeeee. I caught him this morning. *shot*

Coke. Pick your side.

Thanks for the pic Kas~


OMG, at first I was like, COOL, but now I'm like...Pooooor kittttteeehhh! D: It got dyed. xD

One in a Million Shot

Yes, if you haven't noticed I am going through my old batch of Motivational Posters <3 I missed them so much...some are just pure hilarity. And so, you know I have to share with you~ Hope you enjoy ^^

Fullmetal Fires

~Law of the Pyro~