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Epic Vids

~Courtesy of my dear sweet Plubastian~

Epic...hilarious....and Epic. <3 Sebastian

Ulquiorra's Tomato Song

Ok, you gotta see this. I Love it ROFL The first one is without Subs, and the second is with Subs if you are curious. XD ...

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch VS Neji

*snickers* Oh my....

Dio/Kimimaro?! LE GASP!

OK! WHY didn't I see this before?!! Dio was like my favorite...and then I really liked Kimi when he showed how did I not catch this before now?!! ROFL I made this picture to show you all what I mean. They're like...TWINS! *laughs* Yes Blood...I said it...TWINS. >XD

Dio is from Last Exile
Kimimaro is from Naruto

*le faint*

External Image you see what gives me epic nosebleeds. And it takes a lot to get to this one...but that's just...too hawt. *is not looking at the picture to prevent further damage* As always...clean up after yourself. *laughs*

I think that's Yazoo...