Here is where I keep all my internet I call it. This can vary greatly...from Comics, to nice pix, to just random posts about good sites and videos I may have found on my wanderings. Hope everyone enjoys! BUT REMEMBER...ONLY A PEEK! <3


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My lollipops smoke like that really. *grins*

Sleeping Fox X3

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hehe so I've been going through some pics...and again I come across this one. I LOVE it so much!! <3 I just had to put in here.

Value Your Oxygen?

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--Talk about a 'date' you can't refuse...huh?

More Contradictions!!

I found more of the contradiction guy!! LOL Enjoy!

Starburst Contradictions

Oh god, I love these Starburst commercials. I just saw this one on TV, and thought I would share it for anyone who's never seen it. They're just so funny. AND I love this guy's accent. He had me at 'wee bit'.