Here is where I keep all my internet I call it. This can vary greatly...from Comics, to nice pix, to just random posts about good sites and videos I may have found on my wanderings. Hope everyone enjoys! BUT REMEMBER...ONLY A PEEK! <3

Batman hates Chocolate

Ah!! How could he?!! Teh CHOCOLATE!!


This was just too amazing to pass up...I had to post it here. LOL

External Image

External Image

Found at DA, Click the images for the original locations. ^^


Yeah so, I totally got a kick outta this. Enjoy my friends. OH yeah...and tell me if any of you catch that Luigi makes the Yoshi sound? >_>;

Nap time with Starrk--KaoriTanaka

This is called Nap time.....heh....

AHEM! I posted this for you Stark-sama. To make up for the lack of Stark-ness in the other gallery. ^^


OMFG...I'm in love with this art. I've been looking for this artist for AGES. Thanks to kuroiookami, I was able to find them!!! LOOK AT THIS!!!!

Click the picture to get to the gallery. LOVELY art!