Konnichiwa! Ogenki desu ka? Heheh Hi everyone and welcome to the playground. Somtimes i'll post stuff at random, so enjoy. (Note: I love to roleplay so give me the heads up if you want to) Thanks for visiting and have a good day.

This world of mine (>owo)>

lalalala. The sky is made of fluffy white objects. the world seems so simple now. I see a platypus, a lion,a guy that

looks like a girl, a god in a chariot, even a jellyfish. Its only when im gazing at the sky. Life gets real when im forced to

go to the world of the living. i can never live in the space of emptiness... My own world where nothing but my fantasies

are spread throughout my vision.

I see myself as a princess in the ocean. Poseidon is my father. The fish are colored with rainbows. When it rains i

go up to the surface to feel the drops on my face.My wet eye lashed caress my cheek as i blink,slowly moving as the

water pounds the waves. After all of the madness the sun shines a bright yellow streak of happiness.

I wake up to reality and notice i have to get back to work

ive got a new scanner :3

ohayou gozaimasu
yes i can start my posts again so now everyone can enjoy it.i think that ive gotten better at draw and would like to spread it. like ive said before i will be posting poems as well. well sayonara :3 see ya later (>w<)b

havent been on for a while :P

Wow i havent posted anything in a while i guess that once i get a new scanner then i will be able to post some pics and probably some more poems...i am also making a new story. ive gotten better in drawing lol :3

fluffy ideas

all i want to do is sleep
the sweet sound of my imagination
blossoming into a flower of quaint memories
and peaceful beginnings
The little petals of dreams filling my head
with happiness and despair
depending on the mood of the sun
but when i wake up it rains
pouring down sadness
and its only when i go back to sleep the cycle starts over

where am i?

am i in the sky?
where everyone flys
am i in the ocean?
where everyone swims
am i in space?
where everyone floats
i am here
standing still
like a doll
forever to be trapped in this box