Konnichiwa! Ogenki desu ka? Heheh Hi everyone and welcome to the playground. Somtimes i'll post stuff at random, so enjoy. (Note: I love to roleplay so give me the heads up if you want to) Thanks for visiting and have a good day.

fluffy ideas

all i want to do is sleep
the sweet sound of my imagination
blossoming into a flower of quaint memories
and peaceful beginnings
The little petals of dreams filling my head
with happiness and despair
depending on the mood of the sun
but when i wake up it rains
pouring down sadness
and its only when i go back to sleep the cycle starts over

where am i?

am i in the sky?
where everyone flys
am i in the ocean?
where everyone swims
am i in space?
where everyone floats
i am here
standing still
like a doll
forever to be trapped in this box

the forgiving hug of life

even though i was waiting
that waiting for you
in the bare flesh
it was no use
but not a waste
it might be hard
but i live
thank you
my love of today
even rejection with you
is so sweet
thank you for being there for me

random vampire dream

It starts with a girl that is so hungry that she could eat a horse.She tryed to control herslf by biting her lips but she ended up biting them till it started to bleed.Blood stated to cover the bite marks.she started to lick the blood but didnt like it because she wasnt a vampire. But her boyfriend that she didnt know was a vampire came out of no where and kissed her. All he was trying to do was get her blood.He sucks out the blood but ends up biting her lipswith his sharp teeth.He ends up killing her in the process.Sadly he thought of her as food and she thought of him as the love of her life with a bloody bond that links to each others hearts. "love forever and even more."

random weird dream

This dream starts with a girl in class with her head on the desk.Then she is cuting herself deeply with a staple .Some guy sees her and gets her crush to come see whats wrong with her.He pulls her head off the desk and there if blood on her face and she smeres it once she wipes off her tears.AND SEES HER LEFT ARM COVERED IN BLOOD!!!Verry deep cuts surround her arm.She smiles at the person she has a crush on(while cutting herself some more and says, "why wont you love me jin....my one and only love jiiin." The dude she called jin starts to back away even more but there is a wall that blocks him from going any further.Fright took over his face.All he could do is stare at her as she came closer. Blood driped on him and she bent down to say...........................
Well i ended up getting up because i had to g to school so if anyone wants me to finish this story with my imagination then just tell me.