Hello, im norah and this is my world :)
age:: old enough :)
loves to:: draw, watch anime, listen to music, hang with friends
music:: i love korean pop, j-pop and some english music.
right now im into SS501, SNSD, U-kiss, Miss A, 2PM, 4AM, T-ara, SHINee, DBSK, SUJU and alot more..
animes i love:: sailormoon, rosario and vampire, vampire knight, black butler, pandora hearts, and alot lot more!

my drawing i did, hope you like it (:

External Image

this is my gross sketch

this is a sketch i did, i was just going to see if i could still draw.
and i didn't use any pencil, so i think i am getting better! (:


i freakin love this picture
everytime i see it i laugh
its my half-cousin


i love this game already!
i just made one and i love it!
the characters are so cute!!
and they just look amazing...
love it!! (: <3

a painting

External Image

this is a painting im doing for my friend, for christmas..
im going to fill the sketchbook up with all my drawings (bc she loves my drawings)
and she loves chi so i painted it on the cover
and yes it is a working progress, im not done yet