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Another possibly unread post (but its for me anyways, so whatever...)


This past week has been pretty good seeing as how it was spring break for me. Although it was spring break, I felt rather in the dumps. I stayed at home and did a whole lot of sleeping in reality, often waking well after noon. On Thursday night, I decided to fix my sleep schedule. In my case, this means not sleeping for more than 24 hours, not driving, and perhaps shuffling like a zombie (with a little drool hanging from the side of my mouth). After staying awake for 34 hours, the time I had decided to sleep arrived. I closed my eyes at ~10:30PM and when I opened them, it was 5:30AM. For some reason, I couldn't sleep more than 7 hours. Even though I had every intention of getting close to twelve hours, shutting my eyes did nothing to my confusingly awake body. Anyhow, while this tactic for changing my sleep schedule worked many times during my time in the navy, this schedule change was easily reversed by my non-compliant body yesterday. I spent the night closing my eyes and relaxing and nothing came out of it but a bunch of thoughts about how rich my life experiences aren't. Naturally, this is my Achilles heel of depressing stuff, but I'm not going to write myself into depression by sharing details here. In the end, I found myself still awake with the sun coming up (thank God, its doesn't show up in my window in the morning...). I finally shut my eyes then and got some sleep. It was alright, but the notable thing was that I had a dream. Some of you may think this is normal, but I almost never remember having them. This one was vaguely about dwarves going against their stereotypes by being underground party masters instead of the lords of craftsmanship. I think I'll add this element into my story - or some other - better story that isn't some horrible attempt at creating a world that could fix my tedious and unsatisfying life. I thought that this might be a one time thing, but lo' and behold I just woke up from another dream in which I saw a fantasy world giving birth to a form of government which utilized long-lived dragons as a pillar of the new society. There were some uncomfortably and perhaps incredibly ecchi things in it (something akin to an orgy cannon that has nothing to do with governing and everything to do with defeating enemies... somehow - I'll spare the details since I'm not even sure of them). In any case, I hope these kinds of dreams continue so that I can create an interesting - if not compelling fantasy realm with some shamelessly re-appropriated pieces of other stories and actual bits of scientific theory that I always love to see in stories (like that theory that God is the natural law which all matter obeys - see this). I'll go ahead and mention while I'm on the topic of shamelessly reusing material that others created, but I also intend to use a slight variation of the soul particle theory found in the latter books of the Ender's Game quintet some higher power might explain it with reference to the Orson Scott Card novels to a character or a character might have the same mindless experience of controlling their soul and travelling along the threads of fate/life/relativity/etc.

Anyhow, I have a physics test to redeem from the ashes. I got the second highest grade in the class - a 47/100... My professor doesn't understand that the pace a student has in solving problems is not comparable to the pace he thinks it should be. Out of the 10 questions, I answered maybe 6. With all the "weather" we've had here (snow/ice/weird crap for Texas in March), I wasn't able to get my test back to see what I did wrong. A curve on the test would have been amazing though... the highest grade was a 50, so I would have gotten an A if the class was scaled up.


Spring break wasn't all *bleh* though. I watched How to Train your Dragon 2 for the first time since it just came out on Netflix. I'm glad that they kept the story dramatic for the adult audience (which may or may not contain myself). I recommend it and I will probably watch it again soon.

Also, I binge watched an anime called Kotoura-san (also on Netflix). Seeing that I binge watched it, I obviously recommend it. The beginning is rather sad, but that is made up for immediately after the male protagonist is introduced since he starts to harass her with his dirty (and highly interesting) thoughts.

Lastly, I watched the most mind-bending shoujo I've ever seen - Puella Magi Madoka Magica. As far as mind-benders go, I give it a 90-95 degree bend in comparison to the full 180 degree bend (maybe it was more of a break?) I experienced by watching Neon Genesis Evangelion side-by-side with Excel Saga for the entirety of both series (complete madness was experienced - and foaming at the mouth was worth it). It was a nice experience to see some real drama (rather than the brainless boy-crazy stuff that I've seen in others) and the story really puts magical girls into a new bracket of awesome for me.

I'll post something again, if only for myself. I have to say I'm unsure about the continuation of "Broken Life", since I'm liable to have better ideas about main characters that don't resemble me in the future.

- The one who krusts knuckles

I have returned (hold your applause)

What has gone on since last time

No seriously applause is not desired, I've been back from my stint in the Navy for more than a year and a half. If you run the numbers, you might be able to deduce that my time in there was just less than 3 years. The nuclear program ended up being a big wake up call regarding my ability to deal with mental stress and I washed out before I could finish training.

With so much stress finally crushing my desire to succeed, I was sent packing to another command where I would then await different orders. The orders that arrived never stuck and the computer system that makes all the final decisions regarding sending unwanted sailors home saw my three strikes and I was sent home with a frustrating, but honorable discharge.

After re-reading my previous post, I feel like I've let myself down more than anyone else (of course my single commenter as well). I will probably not write about my time in the Navy any more than this since it was fraught with deep depression like I've never experienced before and would like to never experience again.

When I returned home, I brought the one blessing that the Navy gave me. Having spent enough time serving the military, I was awarded with 80% of an education from the post 9/11 G.I. Bill. If I had been able to stay for the remainder of that third year, I would have earned the 100% mark. Nevertheless, I started working towards a degree in electrical engineering.

The main problem about electrical engineering is that calculus is both difficult and necessary to earn the degree. I'm not terribly bad at math, but calculus is said to take giant leaps away from the wisdom of common sense so I tend to have misunderstandings and find it hard to learn, so I'm doing as well as I can with what I consider to be a horrible teacher (unfortunately, it isn't very well at all). Otherwise, I'm a straight-A student since my return and it appears that my experiences with learning in the Navy have paved my way to success outside of calculus.

But school is so boring, right? I have hobbies too! While in the Navy, I picked up guitar and I learned a number of songs thanks to the Rocksmith game on X-Box. I recommend it for console only (Ubisoft has some serious DRM issues, so don't bother with it or any of their other games on PC if you like playing offline).

Another hobby I tried to start is making my own guitar. I started it in the summer of 2013, and I still don't have a finished guitar because the weather is too finicky here in north Texas and I don't want to possibly ruin my guitar's finish by spraying it on in the wrong conditions (I really need an indoor ventilated booth for that sort of thing). While looking for a place to do my guitar's finish indoors, I was introduced to a non-profit called Dallas Makerspace. Such a wonderful place - it has a membership fee of $50/month and $35/month for students and all members are granted access to the vast array of high end tools that the membership fees go towards. Whether you are into woodworking, metalworking, arts and crafts, digital design, web design, 3d printing, or electronics - they have it all. The downside for me was that I couldn't use compressed air to apply finish to my guitar (Stupid EPA regulations! I can do it at home, but once I try to do something that allegedly "puts the environment at risk" in what appears to be a business I'm shut down due to the cost of meeting the asinine regulations).

So now when I sit at home, I find myself reading manga and now light novels. My binge reading had been restricted by obligations and now I have the free time to read to my hearts content.

All the manga I have in my reading list are either finished or currently awaiting the next chapter.
A list of those ongoing manga (with PG-13 content anyway - there are others):
- Denpa Kyoushi
- Fairy Tail
- Magi
- Near Equal
- UQ Holder
- Zettai Karen Children
The light novels, while not PG-13 are possibly rated for 16+, but the two so far are:
- Mushoku Tensei [Parental Advisory - it is more of an adult fiction]
- Zero no Tsukaima [not sure yet - I'm on volume 7/20 and the adult scenarios don't go far]

I started to feel like writing an original story after reading through the 22 volumes of Mushoku Tensei, so while I admit to taking some of its creative elements, I have the intention of telling an entirely different story. After all, this world is running out of completely original ideas as it is, so I'll give the credit where it is due before I run along with my story which should be at most pg-13. If you are interested in reading it, I have posted the prologue and chapters 1-3 of "Broken Life"(the prologue is just a character introduction with some anecdotes of his ordinary life, you may want to skip it for the more entertaining chapters).

The Least Interesting Man in the World... maybe at one point anyway

External Image

Funny enough, I feel thats what I've done here (panel 3 anyway)

I will not really be expecting any reads since I haven't posted in nearly a full year (I did post last August...)

Anyway, on to whats going on in my life

Thats right, I'm planning on shipping out to sea. Joining the finest fighting force in the world, and the strongest naval force in the entirety of history.

I lost my job back on March 31st, and I should stab my alarm clock (its had it out for me since day one) for having let me down like that although I do accept that losing my job was my responsibility. That same day, I headed straight to the NAVY recruitment office and filled out the initial paperwork. A few weeks passed and I took the ASVAB test and scored high with a 97 (natl. avg. is 50 btw). Ahem... I'll spare you the details of the physical three days later, but this all qualified me for the Navy nuclear program (I am a smartass). So the weeks passed by and the most work I've done has been for the NAVY recruiting office (of course the pay for a non-employee is lunch). Its now been a couple months and I've received a couple emails back, though I'm assuming they were automated replies, my ability to do push-ups has not increased, and my social ties are not becoming more copious. I may turn back to writing (but on my own for a change), although I find that I may become bored with it unless my own written content intrigues me enough. But even if I do turn back to writing, I have a guaranteed job coming in February at the latest.

On the topic of my job: for the first two years of service, I'll be getting paid to take the courses required to become a NF-MM/EE/EM (Nuclear Field - Machinist Mate/Electrical Engineer/Electrician's Mate (at least thats how I remember it, but it could be wrong)). I'll be getting paid to take courses, so that means my grades could be like what they were in college when I had quit my job at McDonalds, but I'll aim to make them better than that so I can choose my ideal post (on a Navy super-carrier (the biggest and arguably the coolest machines to see the open sea), on the Pacific Ocean)((PARDON THE PARENTHESIS!)).

Life (rant)
Honestly, I've been severely bored since I lost my job. I keep busy by riding my bicycle for ridiculous distances around the Dallas Metroplex. I made a 60 mile loop last week even (the commuter train system helped on 17 of those miles - I was pooped). I've put in dozens of job applications too, I suppose I am just not what companies are looking for right now... I may have to do a job in foodservice again - I've been avoiding them. I'm trying to get myself together until the Navy calls for me which could be anytime - moving back with mom and dad, consolidating/giving to friends and neighbors all the furniture I wont be needing, and getting that job - whatever it is.

Yup, I can't drop it and I wont try. I can just watch what I've seen before and loved. My absolute favorite completed anime YuYu Hakusho was first. Watching it all the way through (its also better in the English translation). If you haven't seen it all the way through, you have indeed missed a masterpiece greater than the abridged version of Dragonball Z (see youtube, its amazing). As for what's next on the anime flashback express - who knows? If I keep posting, I'll let you know.

1. Are you a United States Citizen? (if not, pardon the questions since they don't apply to you)
2. Have you read the Declaration of Independence lately?
3. The Constitution?
4. Are you or a close relative in the US armed forces?
5. Would you be willing to live your life in defense of those documents and the liberties and rights they provide United States citizens with?
6. Do you feel that the United States is as free as it once was?

My Answers:
1. Yup, and just as important, I'm a citizen of Texas.

2. I have, I need to find my copy of it again (seems I lost it somewhere in my room)

3. yes

4. I'm a future sailor in the Navy and proud of it, both of my grandfathers were enlisted in the armed forces - army and navy - during WWII.

5. I made that decision when I walked into that recruiting office, and I sealed that decision when I gave my oath. I will not take my service lightly or let it go to waste. I intend to defend those documents to the best of my ability and return every opportunity given to me back to the people who paid for them.

6. I certainly feel there is work to be done in this regard. There was once a time when men were more free. Free to defend themselves as well as their property against not just each other, but their governors. It has not been perfect, but that is accounted for in the preamble to the Declaration of Independence "In order to preserve a MORE perfect union". Making the union more perfect with every change is the intended goal, not punishing the innocent citizens with restrictive and demeaning laws because of either ancestral wrongdoing or perhaps the criminally ill-thought intent to be master of the people that the government was originally set up to serve. I have no room for apologies for the past in regards to the ancestral sins, because I do not take part in the reasoning for the sin of slavery and never have, and as for the latter - the intent to control people and their success or failure is dangerous and foolhardy when you look at every time it is tried in history.

By the way - I welcome all debate in case you disagree with any part of my answer. You must be willing to back up your points with reference data however, since I am not a fan of fact-checking without listed references.



Yeah, I'm still here...

I'm taking a little down time at work to bring up current events that involve me and some that don't.

Movies I've seen since last post:

Star Trek
Well, I have to say this is most likely the best movie of 2009. As the material from the old series has pretty much dried up and settled into a pile of fanboy closet materials, they had to open up a wormhole and bring it back to life. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the entire film.

Terminator 4
As I've seen the other movies and they didn't serve to impress me all that much (I also didn't understand them too much). I was impressed with the story, and the acting was very good. I don't think that I'm really partial to robotic apocalypse movies (as I didn't really like The Matrix all that much either). But I still say its worth it to go see it in the theaters.

That's it for movies...except that I am looking forward to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince more excitedly than I would have been looking forward to seeing the Star Trek movie had I known it would be so great... need to get the 5th movie on DVD and re-watch it.

My Soul
My car came out of the shop looking like new. I've had no problems with how it drives (its like there is no difference). Then while I was in the parking lot getting out of my car, the wind blew hard and my door knocked into the side-view of the car next to me... with no noticeable damage to the mirror, my door now has an unsightly dent near the handle. "Curse you foul wind!" I still need to scratch the paint from the other car off that spot...

My Anime
I recently watched another one of the sappy anime's that I like so much...
Myself; Yourself was a wonderfully written drama and I recommend anyone who likes such sappy tales to watch it. Its very interesting.

Shuffle! was perhaps one of the most entertaining of said variety of dramas I've ever seen. Also considering that Matt is moe over the demon girls, he will have this one as a recommendation. All I can say after watching it all is "God panties".

On the more ridiculous/disturbing side of the recent anime I've seen is Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan. Its really the kind of anime you want to watch while under the influence of something. Its not for the faint of heart or the highly prudish, strongly opinionated type who is easily offended. But I got the entirety of the two short seasons and I must say that my mind will never be the same...

Also, I bought season 1 of World's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. I had read the manga and that was great in itself, but the thing is that you just can't read it if it's turned into an anime and its really really good.
BTW, it was really really good.

To get straight to the point, I'm worried about the "freak factor" of the average Otaku. It appears to be rising into the danger zone, and I caught a glimpse of it this year at A-kon. Typically things happen at these conventions, but the thing is that there is too much of a bad thing happening at the convention. I'm really sad to have to say that this A-kon may be my last. I'll be going to A-fest this year to give the community one last chance at changing my hopes for the future of otaku society, but the violence and drug/alcohol abuse is getting too common for me. An ambulance had to show up to the hotel at least 2 times this year and I'm finding less and less that I want reflected on myself by being a part of the society. I'll be cosplaying at A-fest because it may be my last venture into the world of conventions if this more tame convention turns out to be just as bad.

The Economy
Ah, the strength and stability of the American economy....
Nah, I'm lying. Its been doomed to happen again... really too bad that the stock market determines so many things. And affects all companies adversely when only some companies are affected adversely in the first place. I can't come up with a better way to make money than investing tho. Stupid double-edged swords...

Oh yeah! Speaking of double-edged swords, I'm cosplaying on Labor Day Weekend! If you've ever read the webcomic 8-bit Theatre, you'll know my character: His name - Fighter.
The double-edged swords I mentioned are just part of his diabolical weapon - Swordchucks.
So far, I've used my skills in metalworking to make some alright looking armor and I've made a pretty good start on the wig (though I think this is the hardest thing I've ever done).
I hope I'll be done fairly quickly - and hopefully before the end of July (I still have to get the fabric [and possibly leather] parts done too).

anyway, I'm hungry and that's about all I can bear to write before I start chewing my arm off.



Hello fellow otakuites!

As few who may read this, I am back after my long unannounced stint away from the O. I've been using facebook lately for its unintensive user commitment to user anti-laziness...ness. I may post more, I may not... Please dont expect much as I'm sure you have grown not to since I even got an email some months ago from the O itself asking me to come back...

Although I'll have to resolve a few things:

First off, I'm not going to evaluate writing... unless emailed about it.
I'm not going to write collaboratively... unless I'm an idea helper and not a writer.
I'm not going to be doing any wallpapers... until I get Photoshop working on my big fancy 46" HDTV monitor.
I'm not supplying photos... that aren't uploaded by my family members via Facebook... unless I feel like uploading pics I've taken.
I'm not going to finish this list of resolutions... unless I can't think of anymore things... to resolve
I'm not... uh...

Anyways, I'm back and I feel I need to apologize for my unexcused absence.

I'll just say that I have fallen back to the dark side and played a bit more World of Warcraft. I've fed the sickness. Paid the ransom, and become the disease. In fact I've almost recruited a few acquaintances to the folly of mankind (not the Presidency, I'll tell you that much).

Getting back to the topic of my life and whatnot that goes on in it, I've purchased a new car for myself

Brand new <--

So new that it took me some time to get 500 miles on it.

But this is not a happy story. By no means does this tale bode well for our young adventurer Sam.

New Car Specs:
2010 Kia Soul Sport
2.0 liter standard transmission (I like the standard transmission)
Color: Titanium
10 miles on the Odometer at time of purchase


I got the amazing stereo package as well. Say what you may about the Hamsters and whatnot, its way better than a Scion xB (cheaper too).

Anyway, as much as I know off the top of my head about my new car, I'm not driving it after the first week in which I have owned it. I'm actually back in the car that I've been wanting to sell.

Last Sunday was the fateful day.

It was raining... or so the sprinklers on the side of the road forebode. I was driving along the road that I knew not lead to certain doom...

In the right hand lane, I watch as a red convertible changes lanes into the left. I think nothing of it and continue moving along towards my destination, my friends apartment less than a block away.
I pass by the roadside sprinklers belonging to the property to my right, and suddenly a red convertible is in front of me, completing a right hand turn into my fender.

Glass shatters and tires squeal as we come to a stop in front of the apartment complex. After making sure the engine wasn't done for and prying open the door, I find my car with its left wheel jammed into the side of the wheel well and the fender busted up and crinkled into oblivion.

My paper tags have only just expired Saturday - the sixth day since the accident.

I received word from the collision repair company that the parts were the greatest lead time and the repair cost was going to total nearly $7k. I'm so glad it was not my fault. I am a great driver, so it takes someone awesomely bad at driving to get into an accident with me. Only by doing something so dumb I could never expect it, could I be in a collision.

So the moral of the story is:
Check you blind spot
Use your TURN SIGNAL even for chaning lanes (I will road-rage all over anybody who doesn't!)

I expect to get my "no longer damaged but still not the same" Soul in a little more than 2 weeks from now.

I can guarantee that if the guy had said that he was in the right lane one more time when the evidence was so grievously against him, I might have gone for a lawsuit.

Also on that note:
1. Have you ever been in a collision? (yes or no, details aren't important)
2. Have you ever owned a brand new car?
3. Should there be an evaluation process to decide if someone is too old to drive? obviously, this guy had some senility issues.

Thats all for me on this post...

Still pissed off at 90% of the other drivers in the US,