Please do not be shy.


It has been SO LONG TheO
and I'm sorry to anyone who is listening that I haven't answered messages or basically become social on TheO.
I'm not on this website much except to post artwork so I can post them somewhere reliable and I like this site ^^

so I apologize once again u_u


doodle blog

sorry away from this site for too long and prob will be


okay guys sorry I've been away I've been uh working little tidbits of jobs here and there and life stuff

but would anyone be actually interested if i started a commissions page
I don't want to put ridic prices up though, the price ranges would probably be from ten to twenty dollars because i don't have enough confidence in my work to get a money worth that high haha
but yeah just a thought

i'm needing money. oh woop.


I apologize for not updating.

in process art

work in progress
I got lazy
and unmotivated