well, yup. . . this is another world that I'm doing. just random things that I'm posting *sigh*. well, ENJOY!! >o<

Pain, the AWSOME song

this is one of my favorite songs, it is called pain. I had a bad day so I have a reason to post this on. well, i'll just say that one of my friends don't really want to be in my group so she is is the popular group even though she isn't. She thinks she is.


WOOOHHH! Music is blasting in my house! EMOS LOVE IT GOTHICS LOVE IT ILOVE IT! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Monster is awesome! I dare all of you write on youTube. . . Monster, skillet also Hero,Skillet! I LOVE ALL COOL SONGS!!!!!!I'm awsome!

That is not me on my icon!

for you guys that looks at my icon and find strikingly awesome, I know but please that is so not me okay. I'm a girl. . . G-I-R-L!! that is just a cute emo guy I found on the internet,! *huff* hope you know that because. . . my friend got the wrong idea of my cool icon and said that people like you might think I'm a guy.

well, Thankyou for reading my lecture. . . so good-bye, and please do not think I'm crazy *whimper*