Welcome, to the Otaku Host Club! Here, is where your favorite anime guys, join together to bring you their very own fan service. With over 40 hosts from over 20 different anime and video games, you can pick and choose the perfect man for you. PM, chat and thread with your favorite host; until at last, he is all yours. Rise from a lowly fangirl to his one and only wife/lover in your pursuit to find your Mr. Perfect, Here at the Otaku Host Club

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New Account Complete

I hereby present to the Otaku Host Club account.

You may begin your posting.

Passing the Crown

As a result of Luna leaving I told her I would keep an eye on the OHC. This is a good opportunity to move it to the account that was created for it. ((A link will be provided below)) I know it has been rather dead and all, but this is a good time to change it up a bit.

Changes to expect:
Brightening up the color scheme
Update how points are earned
It will be run as it should be: By the Hosts (pm me if you are interested)
Ranking will be changed (just the permanent ones)
Monthly themes will be introduced (examples: Masquerade month, picnic month, etc..) (I will go into more detail later)
plus more to come

I am always open to new and fun ideas, so if you have any let me know.

If any hosts are still around drop me a pm so I know you are there. Fans please do the same.

This was the first club that I joined when I came to the O, and I said I would always be here for it. My queen has left and given me her crown, and I am not ready to see it go out like this!

New Account

Please help me to bring back it's life.

This is Goodbye

To my scattered hosts, devoted fans, and outsiders looking in, this is goodbye.

I have spent four good years devoting myself to the merriment and happiness which the Host Club offered, but my reign to this Kingdom is over. I can no longer be Admin, plan activities and keep up with the demanding pace of life. Attempting to balance the two has lead me down a harsh road of heartbreak and betrayal. I have set up the last few months in hopes that the club would be self sustainable and continue to blossom on its own, but have come to realize that my garden of hope is slowly withering. I have enjoyed my stay here, and hope my legend of the OHC continues to live on past me. I adore every member both host and fan who committed to this role play and will cherish the precious moments we shared. I hold many memories dear to my heart that will never vanish. I release the Otaku Host Club to the few members standing. If you wish to try your hand at leadership, do so and carry on the Pride of the OHC. I wish all my lovelies happiness and success!

Farewell my Kindgom,

Like the moon, I'll always be the light in the darkness, to watch you overcome the shadows and the dark times. I'll always be here when you need me.


OHC meme- Dino

Buongiorno amici.

I may have hung up my Host hat, but there is nothing that says that I cannot drop by and throw a post or two into the OHC.

As I was reading thorough your me-mes, I found some very amusing, others saddening. But mostly amusing, so do not worry, va bene?

I've gone and tried it out, because I have never done a me-me. ....How does one pronounce this word? *frowns* It is two me's strung together, no?

· Copy and Paste these questions.
· Answer questions.
· Add onto the list of questions with an OHC question of your own
· Tag an OHC member! :D

1. How long have you been in the OHC?

....ah, how difficile to answer that. I have forgotten, but I believe I joined back in about agosto of 2010. I left about six months ago, so...... three years?

2. How did you find out about the OHC?

*winks* Now that is a secret.

3. Give a Brief summary on your OHC Character.

I'm Dino Cavallone, Cavallone Decimo of the Cavallone Famiglia. Really, it is in your best interest to not know anything else. *wry grin*

4. Who is your OHC OTP?

Dispiace, I have not been here for a long time to name any of my amici. Perhaps.... Mocha and Toshiro? I do not know, dispiace!

5. Find, Copy, and Paste, your first PM to a Host. How embarrassing is it? LOL

*grins* Mio dio these me-mes are quite nosy. My messages will remain private, grazie. Also, I was a host so this is somewhat irrelevant.

6. Favorite moment you had with a fan?

Ah. Now that is definitely not up for public knowledge. Too many memories there. Although, I will applaud Kiki and Mocha for their constant efficient stamping. Also Kira and the beams. And of course, many others...

7. Favorite moment you had with a Host?

Mio dio, did you have to ask?! *cocky grin* I'm sure people who were around when 'Romeo and Juliet' were there will understand. *pauses* Of course, there were many. But many of these people are no longer here, so it is redundant to tell. *wistful look*

8. Did you discover and fall in love with a new anime due to a Host you meet in the OHC?

Huh? A-ni-me? You must tell me more about this new word, my Japanese is not quite up to par yet. Dispiace!

9. Did the OHC make you discover a new favorite Character in an anime that you at first didn't appreciate?

......that word again. A-ni-me???

10. Has your OC appearance changed since when you joined?

Well I did get a few new tattoos, but of course, I'm not telling anyone where. Although I will say that there has been a lot of blood shed over them in Sicily in attempts to see them. *chuckles*

11. Has Your OC's behavior changed since when you joined? Did you mature?

Mature...? Honestly, I do not know. It has taught me much, that I grant.

12. MewChero claims that the "OHC is Training wheels For the real thing" do you agree or disagree?

*cocks head to the side* I will have to say no. The OHC may help you in some sense, but there is nothing like the 'real thing', wether that be amore or amicizia.

13. What life lessons have you learned from the OHC?

*shrugs* Life lessons? Difficult to say.

14. Has there been moments where you wanted to quit the OHC?

Well. I've left, so what say you?

15. Where do you think the head-quarters of the Fan room is located.

In the most ordinary yet extraordinary place possible.

16. Try to explain how the Fan room exists.

I don't know. I'll ask Byakuran, when he's not off in some parallel universe. Or Reborn.

17. Are you currently in an OHC relationship?

*waggles finger* Ah-ah, don't be nosy.

18. If so, how long has it been going on for?

*unreadable smile*

19. Do you remember your first date? If so, share~

Italian restaurant, I believe. Or a casa mia.

20. If the OHC had a Mascot or Logo, what do you think it would be/look like?


21. Describe the OHC in one word.


22. Remember the themes we had in the OHC main world? Which has been your all time favorite?

I'm horrible with art and design so I honestly don't remember.

23. Describe your first OHC kiss. Who was it with?

*places finger on lips* Shush.

24. Any Hosts you want to see join the club?

Ah?....nobody I know who hasn't come would be a good fit.

24. (Chero’s question) Which hosts have you had

*scratches head* Romeo, if he counted as one. *snorts*

25. (Kas’s question) Host that you were sad to see leave.

I was on a hiatus, so by the time I left..... all my friends had gone, save for a very few. So, *shrugs* none.

26. (Kira’s question) If you could bring one person back to the club, no matter how long they’ve been gone, who would it be and why?

*half smile* nessuno. Per il passato è il passato.

Add another question to the list and tag a member -past members as well! >u<
My Question:

We all experienced heartache in the club. What was your biggest heartache you experienced?

*regretful smile* I was the one dealing heart break, so nothing can be said.

All in all, I hope this me-me entertained you, amici.
I do not know when I will see you again, perhaps never. But grazie.
*sets down cup and exits*



I-it's been a l-little lonely here.... I thought a c-contest might help... have you e-ever been lonely, or c-cared for an anime character who was lonely? You can make a drawing, a wallpaper... even a s-story or poem would be nice... if you would d-dedicate it to me or pm me with a link to it... you can enter... S-sorry to bother you! Thanks for listening!