The reason for the name is because my dA account is " ohhay " and I don't like my otaku name so i'm just gonna go by ohhay, but you can call me whatever you want, i prefer eneko or ohhay though. But this world will just update you with things and i might upload doodles also (:

Long time no see

Hey guys! It's been such a long time hah, I haven't talked to anyone on this site or deviantart that I used to talk to, I wonder how everyones doing lol, but they either don't get on or they deleted their account or something I don't even remember everyone I used to talk to which is kinda sad.

I think the last time I posted in this was in 2010? Yeah I think so, wow I was in 8th grade hahah, crazy to think I've been on this site since I was in 6th so when I was 11 years old. Well I'm now 18 and graduated from high school wooooh 2014. So much has changed in these years that I've been on this site and Deviantart. Everything looks completely different on here from when I first started ha I miss the old layout of it, dA looks the same though. But so much craziness has gone on these years hopefully I'll get back to drawing and even improve!


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August 16 , 2010 .

Hey guys ! I never really update these things , but i really like blogging and stuff so i should ( = .

Well , school starts the 30th and im reall excited for it . ive been going to a private school since kindergarten and im going into high school , so im going to a public high school . im kinda scared at the same time though lol , cause i have to take the bus to school and im afraid im not gonna have anywhere to sit or anything . and i havnt even signed up or anything yet so i dont know my classes . i dont know why my dad just cant call them or whatever . its so annoying . but than i hope i have classes with people i know lol , im still nervous though , but i think ill be okay ( = .

Ive also been playing zelda a lot lately . ive had this disk that has four of the zelda games on it for gamecube since 2003 , but i never really played it till now , so ive been playing ocarina of time and stuff for like a week , and ive just been so addicted to it haha , but its so fun and i really dont like the water temple . since ive unlocked the sages , the dungeons have gotten so hard lol , i think the only one so far that wasnt hard to me was the fire temple . but since ive been so in love with this game ive been doing a lot of zelda fanart and stuff and thats why ive been posting so much but im actually working on a redo of a old drawing of mine . heres the sketch .

External Image

its realllly big cause since my sai trial ran out , i have to print scrn the pictures and it makes them smaller . but i actually really like how this looks , but it looks really weird right now since drew the characters over each other , but thats actually something unzelda related . and heres another drawing i like .

External Image

well guys , i think im done this post so bye ! ( =


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yeah life.

Hey guys, I haven't updated this since January, so I just thought I would. Well, there's gonna be a lot, because a lot has happened since I last wrote in this.

Okay, so you know how it says I was suspended in the last entry ? Well, I was suspended again in March, but for two days. I was suspended because I didn't sing in this singing concert they were having, but I went to watch it haha, probably shouldn't of done that, but I really wanted to see my friend sing, because his voice is gorgeous, but I got suspended for two days, I cant go to our upcoming Hershey Park trip, and I can't go to the end of the year breakfast, which I really don't care lol. Its my last year at that school so its whatever.

Well, I don't remember what else I was gonna right, but apparently I'm " failing " so now my family never shuts up about how I'm gonna fail and how I never go my homework and crap and I'm just like WILL YOU SHUT UP ABOUT ME DOING MY HOMEWORK, I DO TO DO IT SO STOP SAYING I DON'T. So, my dad took my phone, and they changed the password to the computer, so I'm like wtf is your problem. I do my work and everything and you just act like I never do anything and all and its just like they mention it in every conversation and its like WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP ABOUT IT. seriously like you guys act like I don't have enough stuff to worry about and you guys just make it worse by reminding me of it all the time.

Oh, well nice news is that all I've been playing on the WII has been gamecube games, I've been so obsessed with them lately! I've also been obsessed with my Lux-Pain game, I love it haha. But all I've been playing on the gamecube is Pokemon Channel, Pokemon XD, and Pokemon Colosseum and that Zelda collection lol I have no life. I've also been playing Heartgold (:

Well, this was long so bye guys! (: