Tell Me Your Wish

This is for AngelsCryTo's "Two Hundred Word" challenge.

I have to admit, being a person who loves adding detail and description to a story, I found this extremely challenging. The motive in the story isn't as clear as I'd like it to be, but please, if you can, just think about it. It says what is true of life in merely 200 words. I hope I did alright ^ ^; Thank you for taking the time to read *bows*


“Tell me your wish.”

She stared at the golden lamp, stumbled upon accidently. “Anything?”

The looming figure bobbed. “Your wish cannot be undone, however.”

“I want people to stop picking on me.”

The genie nodded adding, “as you command” before disappearing into the lamp.

The next day, the clique that bothered her moved on. The girl, ecstatic to finally be free, returned to the spirit. “Genie,” she called, “may I make another wish?”

It replied droningly, “as many as you like.”

“Please, I want my friends back...”

The genie once again commanded her wish, and returned to its home.

The girl was thrilled with her new found power. Every day she would revisit, asking for more of the genie. Shamelessly, she abused its magic. She wanted money, she got money. She wanted boys, she got boys. She wanted authority, she got authority. It wasn’t until she had everything that she realized she was unhappy.

“I want happiness.”

The genie made a face at her. “Foolish girl, I cannot grant happiness.”

She sighed, hating her life. What was the point of having everything? There was only one thing she DIDN’T have...

“Genie, I want death.”

It smirked slightly, “as you command.”