In this world I'll be posting images of all my paintings! Please post comments letting me know what you think about them. The good and the bad! Also let me know how I can improve!!! Please!

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Blue Symphony

Back when I was taking an Art Appreciation Class I learned that a painting that is made using only different tones of one color is called a Symphony. When the proffesor said that I instantly thought of making a paint with different values of blue and with a violin so it'd have a music theme!!!! This painitng is 100% and made on a canvas panel! I hope you all enjoy it! Comments are well appreciated.

Beautiful Mind

This is a painting reflecting the human mind! I'm amazed by the machinations of the brain! It's amazing how mathematicians have been able to dicover so much!!! Scientists as well!!! So I decided to make a painting for it. Sadly sometimes people think too much and do bad things with the amazing discoveries... I hope you all like it! Comments are well appreciated!

Marionette Theater

It's interesting that the inspiration for this painting was from a Flap Jack episode that I watched a loooooong time ago. I got the inspiration when I saw the episode but I was finally able to do it during August. I don't really remember what happ...

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Self Portrait

What does this look to you? A male or female? It's a self portrait, I'm a female so yeah it's a female. But depending on how I look at it, sometimes it looks like a man... I had to do this pain...

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Abstract Life

This painting is actually very interesting because it's an abstract version of the one I previously posted, "Still life". I had to do this painting looking at the fruit and vase but express them in an abstract way on the canvas. Some people could ...

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