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Actual Fanfictions!

Original Fiction

Yes, Your Majesty

A little something I started a while back. It isn't finished, like a few of the things I'm putting on here now, but I hope you enjoy it. ******************* I am here because of me, and I have no one else to blame for it. I could say...

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Dead End

This is an AU for Bound; a WhatIf!AU so to speak. What if my characters never reached the place they needed for development? What if they completely missed it, rejected it, or turned away from it, and fell into depravity instead? I k...

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My Turn! Character Flaws!

123 Flaws list for charcters I've developed 8D But only the main characters So, I'm doing them as follows: Danielle/Hime Arai Soshi Amori Buriel Amori Shogo Kimikura Hime/ Danielle Arai Absent-minded ...

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Dilly Bars

This is from a while back. I still like how it turned out. Enjoy! Splash, dip, swish, crinkle, bag, smile. Take change. Hand merchandise. Have a nice day. Repeat. Dee wasn’t going to complain. A job was a job, and it...

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Original Fiction

That means, you can't borrow the characters in these stories unless you ask. They're seriously mine. Thanks. <3

A Matter of Years (Original Characters/Bound; Soshi Amori, Danielle/Hime Arai, Shogo Kimikura) Romance, Fluff, Satire

We Three Kings (Original Character/13 and Bound; Drew Astor, Brice Parker, Faye Hargil, Miranda Farron, Joy/ Josephine Farron, Yuriah Akiyama, Cassandra Astor, Crispin Akiyama, Soshi Amori, Danielle/ Hime Arai) Comedy, Biblical Re-telling

Three Years? (Original Character/ Bound, That One Exoricist thing I started working on when I wasn't supposed to; Buriel Amori, Kou Shishigami, Roy Cainbridge, Ume) Romance, Shinobi stuffs, Feels, Repentance

New Year's (Original Characters/Bound; Shogo Kimikura, Soshi Arai-Amori, Danielle/Hime Arai-Amori, Natsu Shimada, Isshin Amori, Chihiro Ichihara-Amori, Ume) Comedy, Romance, Shinobi stuffs

Dilly Bars (Original Character)

Dead End (Original Characters/Bound; Shogo Kimikura, Soshi Amori, Buriel Amori, Danielle/Hime Arai) Suspense, Thriller, Psychological, Alternate Universe. Warnings, THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST MESSED UP SHIT EVER but not in the history of ever

Yes, Your Majesty (Original Characters; James Lockheart, Adelia *insert last name here*, Edward Masterson, Silas Bane, Mavis *insert last name here* anybody else) Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Comedy. Warnings: Lime (almost smut kinda smut not really smut thing)

Any and all other characters in the stories on this list explicitly belong to me! If you want to use them, ask me, but you can't publish your work professionally! I worked hard on my babies!