Hello there! If you read this far then to me your already awesome! Anyhur down to bizniz! I go by Saijinto,Yoseph,Dude,Awesome, Hey! or the last three going from right to left ;D I'm an artist and love drawing,so feel free to visit my Portfolio and hit me up with requests by sending a Pm!If you swing by my Guestbook I'll be sure to return the favor! Don't be shy to visit again, there's no bouncers that will stop you from comin back ;D

Jump animation

And no i don;t mean shonen jump XD(puns) Anyway heres a rough animation of a character i designed in a jumpin sequence!


End of Summer!Otakuthon, school!Hrnnng!

Sorry i been M.I.A. the past week and a half! Just started school in my illustration program this thursday, so i was prepping for that(already have 14 drawings to do ahaha) and attended Otakuthon(anime convention in montreal)marking it as the first anime convention I ever been to!It was really great, i got to see the voice actor for mikasa from attack on titan, as well as meet an artist I follow on deviantart, Shilin http://shilin.deviantart.com/ , she was very kind!Anyway how was everyone elses summer?

I have returned!

I have returned! XD Sorry bout the longish absence(i has been stalking yous though <.</>.>)I been busy with packing and moving and unpacking these past two months that I haven't really been able to draw/ comment on your art/posts, and for that I'm tres sorry!I finally got to draw today!( which felt soooooo goood to do, but dayum I'm rusty XD)


ALright straigt to the chase! 2 weeks ago I did an entrance art exam, and while i was doing that, had my portfolio evaluated, and then compared with what i drawn(to show authenticity that i have the skill to back up what was portrayed in my portfolio) Anyway this mornin' I got a letter in the mail saying"Congratulations You've been accepted into the program!" I'm one out of 40 that made it in, out of the 1000 applicatants!:D

Tablet gained 350exp. learned pressure sensitivity

That moment when your tablet attains Super Saiyan 2 because you downloaded the missing drivers and finally activated it's ability to use pressure sensitivity for the first time since owning it...I've had it for 3 years, and didn't even see its final form yet XD It's like my tablet is new again, soo much to do and try now!:D