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Oh, For The Simple Things In Life . . .

I guess a lot of you have seen these series of Thai commercials, but I'm still gonna post this 'coz it's just so damn funny.

If you haven't seen this, it's a series of commercial for Cheers beer. Basically, it celebrates the simple things in life in an EPIC way.

The Benefits of Daily Exercise

For today, here's a series of 3 Thai commercials that have been made to promote daily exercise. These commercials show why it's a good to have a daily exercise --- in a hilarious way.

Now, this ought to make you exercise right now, huh?

Monkey Waiters in Japan

I guess you've all heard of the monkey waiters in Japan, seeing as it has been a part of the world news these days. But for those who haven't seen it, today's your lucky day 'coz here it is:

It's quite amazing how these monkeys can do these kind of things, sometimes even better than human beings. Then again, don't many of us tend to be soft on monkeys and harsh on actual human waiters?

Want Some Pizza?

I was searching for a video of Stephen Colbert (the guy in the Colbert Report) being dressed as the letter Z in "Sesame Street" when I encountered this Japanese commercial.

This is for a pizza restaurant named Pizza-la. I thought the whole jingle was funny. Not to mention the little anime elements inside it.

Anyway, I hope you like it.

"Idol" Contestant Sings '70s Anime Music

You know, I've realized that the video of Filipino inmates dancing the Haruhi dance is the most popular post I've made here in Only in Asia. So this time, I'll be sharing another Asian video with an anime twist.

In the past, there was a TV network named ABC 5 (now known as TV5). One of their shows at that time was "Philippine Idol", the Filipino version of the international hit talent show. (Not to be confused with "Pinoy Idol", the recent Filipino version which paled in comparison to the original.)

During the auditions, one anime fan decided to take a shot at Idol fame. And her song of choice: the opening theme song for Choudenji Machine Voltes V, a 1970's giant robot anime series that has become a significant part of Filipino pop culture.

So yes, even theme songs from giant robot anime can be used in a popular talent show. That is, if you're in the Philippines. I wonder what Simon would say to that.