This is wear I will post Sketches, it will be nice to know what your opinions would be nice and if people like them they will become proper fan arts!

And I'll be uploading all the different kind of things I make and crafts, so it would be nice to know your opinions on them too!

So if your bored or just slightly interested please go and look!

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W.I.P. Pixels Iven


Just a little work in progress of something I'm working on. It's going to be pixels, I've had a lot of fun with these recently and I want to do more :)
Oh and it has nothing to do with Iven being a cat, I just added them just before going to college becasue thought his pose made him look like a cat and I couldn't get that image out of my head ^^;

Iven belongs to me, I hope o finish this by Monday :D

Colin the Pomeranian

A jaffa orange on legs

Drew this a few days a go and kept forgetting to post it

Lovell - Let is go

I like making parodies/covers in my spare time (and have better things to do)

External Image

I have yet to see the film, Frozen, but I really do want to and I have been listening to the song pretty much on repeat recently XD

This is my Lovell, he has ice powers and has little control over them sometimes, he can't make anything as elegant as Elsa, but never mind and his powers are sporadic to say the least XD (oh and Iven is definitely not Anna XD)

I like making parodies/covers, as it allows me to be able to try and mimic and replicate styles and because I'm using my own character I'm not sticking to the original :D and I am really, really tempted to finish it off and make it properly look like a Disney X3

I have another parody I've made, but I'm not sure if I should upload it ^^;

I hope you all like it :)

Poor Lovell

I'm a little worried about Lovell

External Image

On my way home from college, on the bus, sometime last week, I passed this sign and it had 'Lovell' on it and it made me so giddy for some reason, but I'm also a bit worried that he's gotten himself into trouble and they've gotten him locked up somewhere XD
And today I got the chance to take a photograph (with my 3Ds, I would of used my new camera but I didn't want to look too suspicious) and I couldn't get the idea of them keeping Lovell in the container thing XD :3

Lovell belongs to meeee :3

Concept Characters

External ImageExternal Image

Some concepts for Iven's mother and Lovell's father, I still need to come up with some designs for Lovell's mother and sister and Iven's father (even though Iven's father has passed away).

Azlyn Belle is Iven's mother and 'Frederic Eurwyn' is Lovell's father. I quite like the designs, but they might change and I might change Frederic's name, but I've decided on their personalities :) and I really do like the prime minister robes :3 I really want to somehow get Lovell in those robes >:3 I'm going to make a full color version of the full body sketch :)

I've been looking at a lot of concept art and sketches lately and I've been fascinated by them :D Azlyn's skirt was inspired by a skirt on an early concept of Esmeralda :) Some of the sketches did turn more Disney than I normally draw ^^;

I hope you all like them :)