Sketchy me

I've only recently learnt how to use the crayon on paint tool and I wanted to practice drawing with it (I coloured it using the marker pen) ^^

So I decided to draw myself watching Stargazing live on the BBC, I think there should be more episodes of it than just 3 a year and I enjoyed it, make me wish I had chosen Physics at college ^^' I would of enjoyed it more if my mum hadn't been ranting and shouting at the television whenever Prof. Brian Cox was talking! She really hates him, I quite like him, and I mean I understood most of the things he's saying and that he can take the micky out of himself.

Also in this drawing I have for once been able to restrain my hair so that the daft flicky outy bits were contained in the side plat, it worked for a bit but because my hair is layered and all over the place they started escaping after a while ^^

I hope you all like it