Getting my First Artist's Table! 8DDD

Though they haven't put it up yet, I WILL be getting an artist's table at Anime Vegas this September.

Now then I need you, my subscribers. I need your help in giving me ideas for fanart prints to sell at this con. It'll probably be small cuz the last one only had about 8 artists show up >____< But you never know what might happen right?

So then, please give me any and all ideas of what anime/manga prints YOU would like to see from me. I kinda know which ones are obvious to do but I need more ideas just in case.

Here's My List of Possible Ideas:
Persona 3&4
Guilty Gear

I'm planning on doing a small handful of sketch commissions while I'm at it. Damn I'm gonna be busy for a while =____= Didn't think I would have to THINK so much on this lol