I just had a MAJOR flashback to memory lane recently lol My mom is across the hallway blasting some Hawaiian music I hadn't heard since I was a kid :D

I feel so unusually happy now <3 Earlier I was getting frustrated trying to draw some stuff for Anime Vegas >____<

Excuse me while I go into my "Local Boy" mode =w=

"Shoots brah...I miss dis kine music! Long time I neva heeya all dis kine music. I so stuck doin anime and stuff, I let dis fly right ova my head. All da adults would be drinkin beeya while us keikis was running around ackin stupid xD BBQs, graduations, oa jus one get to geda; we'd bas out da local jams!"

Okay I can't type broken english lol But seriously though, I want to share a bit of my heritage with you all. Please lend me your ears and listen to the sounds of Hawaii as I heard it growing up.

Ka'au Crater Boys:

Keili'i Reichel: