Ebbiru character Appreciation

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Well I shall post it here and now.

This feature is for Ebbiru http://www.theotaku.com/portfolio/ebbiru

The spotlight is on their character Kaze.

This is what they had to say about Kaze...

Kaze is 19 years of age.
Although sometimes she tends to look younger than her age, this is due to her caring for her appearance. She can be a bit vain on occasions.

She is based round an era/place with more steam punk and robot related things. This is why her design includes cogs, goggles, metal armor boots and a more classy/formal fashion.

She is from a place where fantasy and magic exists. So her scarf is able to become like wings. Also she is a lot stronger than normal people so is able to wield a huge diamond bladed sword with ease, jump higher & is more knowledgeable due to her being open minded.

Her personality is modest and kind. Willing to take on things/jobs asked of her as long as something interesting is given to her as a reward. She is very independent and because of this also acts on what she thinks is right.
Due to her being very strong and athletic in fighting she does tend to get into a lot of fights. But she is one of those people who dosent mind and rather enjoys it, she knows she will beat them. :D

She is more of a rebel and wont be found working for government or people. She prefers to work alone as she finds working in groups slows her down. Only has a few select friends and can be found with them most often. They are bounty hunters like her. She does what she wants when she wants. This has caused her to be not welcome in some places.

I also asked a few questions about Kaze.

Reenigrl- "How and why did you create your character?"

Ebbiru- "Hmm, well i had decided i needed a new OC. And i wanted a blond, purple eyed character. So i started out sketching random ideas onto paper. I had a rough idea in my head that i wanted a female character who looks cool and has a weapon. Then as i sketched i added bits onto her design and built the steam punk idea onto her. I also like that type of thing. I am very partial to steam punk and robot/metal armor clothing on characters.
I guess i have always been interested with FF characters and their designs. I always found them so cool and if i could i would love to be like one LOL XD"

Reenigrl- "Is there currently a story with your character that is available to read?"

Ebbiru- "Urm nope no story or anything. And i dont think there ever will be. :'3"

Bonus Question!

If your character were an actual person do you think you would be friends with them? why or why not?

Ebbiru- "I guess i would try to be friends since she has similar traits and obviously having a friend like her would be extremely cool. *u* But because of what she does i wouldnt be able to see her often. And i guess due to the differences in strength i wouldnt be able to help her with tasks as much as i would like to XDD"

Thank you Ebbi for letting us know about your character ^_^ I hope to see more about them in the future and possible a story for us to read???