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To all of you who view this. Which is surprisinly a large number(and keeps growing). This is an exerpt from a role play me and kamichama karin s have been working on. Sadly we have not been making any progress or working on it for that matter and I don't know when we will. But Fear Not!! If you enjoyed this snippit of the story and wish for more I am going to start regularly posting this story from the begining.
You see, below is the last few paragraphs of a story that took a decent chunk out of a notebook. And I have decided to post all of it online in the hopes that someone somewhere enjoys it! If you have any comments, questions, sugestions, errors you find, or feedback of any kind PLEASE tell me about it. I'd love to hear from you. Anything you say is welcome, just please keep it polite. Leave a comment or message me, Thank you!

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Suspicions aroused...

Hiboshi and Tomoe had just finished breakfast and were heading over to the shop part of Hiboshi’s residence when a knock sounded on the side door. Hiboshi went over and opened it to find a red headed kid with a strange look on his face that gave her the impression he had done one too many drugs lately. “Can I help you?” She asked blocking the opening so he couldn’t get in, she glared at him fully prepared to slam the door in his face and deadbolt it.

Tomoe peeked around Hiboshi’s skirt feeling like a small child hiding behind their mother. Not that she had many choices if she wanted to see who it was. Hiboshi was wearing a big western gown that puffed up to make anything below her hips look like a tent, which happened to take up the entire door. So her choice was to look like a child or to try to see from the window. She got an eyeful of who it was and her gaze widened “Leeaif… What are you doing here?” Last she had seen him; he had freaked out and ran into the night. One of her eyes turned blue as Ko joined her to see Leeaif’s return. “What was with before? Are you O.k.?” Tomoe asked noticing the lack of expression that looked wrong on Leeaif’s face. ‘What do you think happened to him?’ Ko asked inside Tomoe’s mind. ‘This doesn’t look right.’ He continued.

‘I don’t know.’ Tomoe whispered mentally. Beginning to feel skeptic and suspicious she pushed her way in front of Hiboshi to take a protective stance between the two. “What’s going on?” She spit out; her worry at the weirdness slowly growing. What if Leeaif had just been a spy this entire time? She apparently thought that a little too loudly because Ko started to deny it ‘No he couldn’t be a spy, I traveled with him all the way here, that doesn’t make any sense!’

‘I was there too Ko. Although I don’t want to believe it either, don’t let your guard down.’

A door opening and closing near the front banged in the background echoing to reach their ears. It was too early for it to be a customer so it had to be that new employee Hiboshi had talked about. “Hello, Hiboshi?” a faint question followed into the now dead silence. Tomoe looked over at Hiboshi and nodded towards the front telling her to get herself to safety in case a fight erupted.

Hiboshi picked up the message and left going to greet the new arrival. “I’m coming!” She shouted as she headed towards Aiko. Her footsteps sounded as they daintily clapped down the hall to the bar until the room was filled with silence. Tomoe stared up Leeaif from directly in front of him wondering what in the world was going on…

Through the Sands of Time

leeaif- the air was cold and the wind was twisting through leeaif's ginger hair. he stood up defiantly, and looked into the horizon. as he adjusted his eyes to the dimmed autum light, he noticed a small child running away from the village's outskirts. she ran like hell; apparently trying to get away from the man chasing her. Leeaif frantically tried to make sense of what was going on, he watched in horror as the rough looking man caught up to the little girl. her large brown eyes shone with fright as the man caught her by the back of her dress. Leeaif felt his anger rise as the man lifted a glowing hand "a magician..." leeaif grumbled with an intimidating look on his face. he jumped off of the cliff he was standing on with poise, and shot into the air like a pheonex. he transmuted a sword, and landed in between the man and the innocent girl. he growled; and slashed at the man with the newly transmutd sword. he shielded the little girl from the oncoming blood with his arms.
she smiled up at him, and giggled a bit. "what is going on?" leeaif asked with a concerned tone.the girl 's smile turned down, and she started talking quickly. she spoke of a leigon of magicians that barged into the town, and started destroying everything. they set buildings on fire, and they spoiled all the food they had gathered and grown with magic. she started crying. Leeaif hugged her, and looked toward the enterance to the village.

Leeaif slowly began to regain concousness, he found himself in front of Hiboshi's, staring in a window in the rain. a crash of thunder clapped, and the lightning allowed him to see inside the house. he was still brainwashed, but leeaif's mind was compleatly normal. he tried to stop himself from knocking on the door; but his body slowly rapped on the large oak door.
"oh god, Tomoe, Maora, please don't open the door! I don't want to hurt you!" Leeaif had figured everything out. and he didn't want to do it! He knocked on the door once more "oh pese dont open that door!" he started crying, eventhough his face was solom an devoted of emotion. just then the door began to open slowly.

Telling Hiboshi

Tomoe: “…Hi” She replied awkwardly. She struggled with a loss of what to say when Hiboshi’s voice floated up the stairs to the attic room beckoning that it was time for breakfast. Thankful for a reprieve from the silence Tomoe started towards the door. “So…” she said to Ko, “Do you want to explain to Hiboshi or should I? She’s gotta be pretty confused considering she’s talked to both me and Maora.” “You go ahead; I still don’t understand what’s going on anyway.” Ko whispered as they began to descend the stairs. Shortly after, Tomoe noticed Ko’s presence disappeared. She walked into the kitchen to find Hiboshi setting the table. “Ohayo, I need to explain some things to you.”

Hiboshi turned so she was facing her, squinted at her eyes, then spoke “You’re Tomoe right now, correct?”


“So do you know what’s going on? Like why Maora is in your body.”

“I’ve figured out enough…” Tomoe went on to explain everything she knew while Hiboshi silently waited.

“Wow…” Hiboshi breathed, shocked into near silence for a moment. “That is something, well eat your breakfast, then I need your help at the bar. It’s been extra busy lately, so much so that I’ve been thinking of hiring again.”

“Again, as in you’ve hired someone recently?”

“Yes, she’s kind and really young but she’s a hard worker…” Hiboshi stopped herself before she started ranting. “Well anyway, sit down and eat!” Hiboshi said sitting down herself. “We have work to do.”


As requested by kamichama karin s here is everyone's profile:

A mysterious character who likes to keep her secrets-secret!
Age: She won't tell
Background: She laughed when I asked
Scars: many
Skills: sword, horses, archery, fighting.
WARNING: May have multiple personality syndrom, and violent tendentcys.
Looks: Beautiful but dangerous. Black hair and eyes, is Japanese, has pale skin.
She is dressed as a samuri-the armor not the robe type- and has her long hair flowing down her back and refuses to put it up. She is short and thin. Also she has bangs.
Height: 5'0

Leeaif Terranay:
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Bright orange/ginger w/red stripe
Skills/Weapons:Magic sword/?its a secret
Background: He is a shy and modest boy who was run out of his home when it was attacked. He traveled to Japan in hopes it would be more peaceful there. He is a skilled swordsman but a tragidy left him unable to kill anyone or hurt them for that matter. Almost nothing gets him angry but he gets sad easily. Some say he has a short case of depression but he never shows it when he's with people he loves.
Looks:he has shaggy hair. He wears a cloak most of the time. it covers his face some. He has boots with a largly practical feel.

Height: 5'3
Eyes: Highlighter yellow
hair: Blonde and shoulder legth
Clothes: boys' clothing such as pants and a warm shirt and boots.
Also wears two barettes on each side of her head. She has bangs also.

Height: 5'7
Eyes: Blue
Hair: short and black.
Looks: He is wearing a Kimono.

Height: 5'8
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown and long and curly.
Looks: Is wearing a Simple Victorian dress.


HEIDIIII!!!!!!!! I A SO SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO RESPOND!! T^T please forgive me (puuuu)
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anyway, i have compiled a response! hahahaha!
also,could you type up the character profile/descriptions
i want to draw everyone together, so I would love to have the desctriptions! <3 thank youuuu!

Leeaif struggled to his feet after being tossed down by the power of the overwhelming poison that was brainwashing him. His eyes were glowing; a mysterious dark crimson color. Leeaif didn’t know what was happening to his body. It felt as though he was being controlled by invisible wires; and he was unable to move on his own. His puppet-like body trekked across the dusty ground, past the arc of old warped oak, and into the barren field that once was home to a large assortment of flowers. He trudged forward, hunched and panting. “mh-what is happening!!” soon Leeaif couldn’t resist, and his mind succumbed to the brainwash also.
Back inside the dusty building, Noah clung tightly to Collins. “are you sure we are doing the right thing?” she asked, trembling. Collins looked at her with a smile. “of course we are, sister. That monster deserves whatever comes to her. And that alchemist is the best form of torture for a freak like her. “ Collins smile faded, and he stared ahead in the barren field. “those magicians ruin everything.”
The field he was staring at so intensely once was a vast garden. He imagined his little sister Noah, tending to a small purple flower that was wilting away to a grey nub. She smiled as she tended to it, and watched it slowly spring back to life. Her mother was standing over her, and was using magic to return the life to it.
Collins’ mind broke back to reality. “that bitch is going to get what she deserves.”