Original Shorts are little things i come up with when i'm SUPPOSED to be working in class. I get Sam {My Editor} to read them and possibly edit them for them to be better. They are inspired my Random things i've seen and/or animes. Please enjoy and Comment. {{{I like Feedback!}}}

Leigh Notsgnivil Long Profile

General Character Information Template by Yumiko12345 on Deviant Art


Name (last, first): Notsginivil, Leigh

Nickname(s): Neko-Chan (Screen name: Kitty-Sama)

Age: 15

Species: Neko (?), She has cat ears and tail but thats it...

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birthday: 01/11/96

Life Story: Leigh, natural born neko, has had the world wondering "How the hell is she like that?", but she just brushes it off and does her thing. Shes had a more or less normal life. But when she was 12, both parents died in a car accident. Raised by her older brothers, she now lives in her parents house living and raising her younger brother, which is totally not a good idea.

About Him/Her

Personality: Confident, semi-loud, mischeif maker, otaku, stubborn, dramatic, kind, kind of uncaring, has trouble sympathizing, oblivious

Good Habit(s): frugal in spending

Bad Habit(s): Not listening, Staying up late, forgetting to do stuff, being lazy, hoarder

Like(s): Itailian food, forgien people, friends, anime, music, cats, revenge, the word "Lovely"

Dislike(s): people who think they're all that, popular girls, meeting new people, new ways

Hobbies: Drawing, Making videos

Fear(s): Nosocomephobic (Fear of Hospitals)

Strength(s): Agility, Being annoying, Revenge

Weakness(es): Food, Cute guys, Free things, Yaoi

Special Powers/Abilities: None

Extras: Is the only one in her family that displays neko features

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream: To be an artist

Occupation/Job: Changes every other week. Shes still in school

Best Class(es): Writting, Social studies

Worst Class(es): Math

Family and Friends

Parent(s): Esine Aguza, Llyod P. Notsginivil

Sibling(s): Roy Notsginivil, Thomas Notsginil, Lucas Notsginivil

Relative(s): Eperi Reprah

Pet(s): None

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks:

Blood Type: Type O

Height: 5"5

Weight: 117lbs

Outfit(s): Usually black skinny jeans with a short sleeved graphic purple t-shirt with black boots.

Accessories: Studded belt, checkered wristband, wish band, and keyblade necklace or a black choker.

Makeup: None

Scent: Usually smells of sweets

Hairstyle(s): Short and her bangs to the side.

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: Keyblade necklace

Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote: "Cookies taste like Shooting Stars."

Favorite Food(s): Pasta, italian food

Favorite Color(s): Violet, purple red

Favorite Number(s): 7

Favorite Season(s): Winter

Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas, Halloween

Favorite Time of Day: Midnight

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Okay, as said in the intro; these are little shorts i come up with when im supposed to be working. The little voices in my head tell the to me...Or Emma.
Speaking of voices, my consciences are vexen and xigbar and they only speak to me about food......
What was i talking about?....OH YEAH!
Sam is one of my spectular ({Goth}) friends! I swear she finds almost everthing annoying... she likes to hit me when im not in my right mind. Good thing too, because it helps for my left to not become over crowded...
anyway, run things by her because i need a judge and i see her every day.
Emma is my spectacular ({Randomly Insane}) friend! She is a source for inspration and a Spaz, Stalker (jk), and a therapist(XDD).
Anyway that wraps up what i have to say! Wait for the new short i have an idea for!

We both like Kuroshitsuji and i think She'd make a good sebastian and none of the characters fit me, so i just chose grell. So Seba-chan and Grell-chan represent us!{{{I Did not make the picture; i just edited it.}}}
And meh nickname is Marly! As in Marluxia...