Okay, as said in the intro; these are little shorts i come up with when im supposed to be working. The little voices in my head tell the to me...Or Emma.
Speaking of voices, my consciences are vexen and xigbar and they only speak to me about food......
What was i talking about?....OH YEAH!
Sam is one of my spectular ({Goth}) friends! I swear she finds almost everthing annoying... she likes to hit me when im not in my right mind. Good thing too, because it helps for my left to not become over crowded...
anyway, run things by her because i need a judge and i see her every day.
Emma is my spectacular ({Randomly Insane}) friend! She is a source for inspration and a Spaz, Stalker (jk), and a therapist(XDD).
Anyway that wraps up what i have to say! Wait for the new short i have an idea for!

We both like Kuroshitsuji and i think She'd make a good sebastian and none of the characters fit me, so i just chose grell. So Seba-chan and Grell-chan represent us!{{{I Did not make the picture; i just edited it.}}}
And meh nickname is Marly! As in Marluxia...