Leigh Notsgnivil Long Profile

General Character Information Template by Yumiko12345 on Deviant Art


Name (last, first): Notsginivil, Leigh

Nickname(s): Neko-Chan (Screen name: Kitty-Sama)

Age: 15

Species: Neko (?), She has cat ears and tail but thats it...

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birthday: 01/11/96

Life Story: Leigh, natural born neko, has had the world wondering "How the hell is she like that?", but she just brushes it off and does her thing. Shes had a more or less normal life. But when she was 12, both parents died in a car accident. Raised by her older brothers, she now lives in her parents house living and raising her younger brother, which is totally not a good idea.

About Him/Her

Personality: Confident, semi-loud, mischeif maker, otaku, stubborn, dramatic, kind, kind of uncaring, has trouble sympathizing, oblivious

Good Habit(s): frugal in spending

Bad Habit(s): Not listening, Staying up late, forgetting to do stuff, being lazy, hoarder

Like(s): Itailian food, forgien people, friends, anime, music, cats, revenge, the word "Lovely"

Dislike(s): people who think they're all that, popular girls, meeting new people, new ways

Hobbies: Drawing, Making videos

Fear(s): Nosocomephobic (Fear of Hospitals)

Strength(s): Agility, Being annoying, Revenge

Weakness(es): Food, Cute guys, Free things, Yaoi

Special Powers/Abilities: None

Extras: Is the only one in her family that displays neko features

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream: To be an artist

Occupation/Job: Changes every other week. Shes still in school

Best Class(es): Writting, Social studies

Worst Class(es): Math

Family and Friends

Parent(s): Esine Aguza, Llyod P. Notsginivil

Sibling(s): Roy Notsginivil, Thomas Notsginil, Lucas Notsginivil

Relative(s): Eperi Reprah

Pet(s): None

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks:

Blood Type: Type O

Height: 5"5

Weight: 117lbs

Outfit(s): Usually black skinny jeans with a short sleeved graphic purple t-shirt with black boots.

Accessories: Studded belt, checkered wristband, wish band, and keyblade necklace or a black choker.

Makeup: None

Scent: Usually smells of sweets

Hairstyle(s): Short and her bangs to the side.

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: Keyblade necklace

Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote: "Cookies taste like Shooting Stars."

Favorite Food(s): Pasta, italian food

Favorite Color(s): Violet, purple red

Favorite Number(s): 7

Favorite Season(s): Winter

Favorite Holiday(s): Christmas, Halloween

Favorite Time of Day: Midnight