This is where my life as an SS-Class Otaku/Gamer shall be explored.I know you're curious about it
I'll also post pics of various anime or video games I watched/played or want to AND my opinion of them.

Otaku Profile
Just so you know,I'm a SS-class Otaku(and yeah,when I say I'm Otaku,I do include the japanese meaning),with extensive knowledge on anime culture.

As a gamer,Well,I currently own 5 consoles:A Wii,A Xbox 360,a PS2,a DS and a PSP.

Most of my games are Anime-style.I prefer RPGs,2D Fighting games and Dating sims/Gal games.I'm also a collector who loves to buy Limited Edition Games.Most gamers know hammered in my head how ''superior'' they are to anything else,but without me,some great games will go on uncredited for their quality and I find this sad

Top 5 Games

  • Shin Megami Tensei,as a whole
  • Arcana Heart series
  • The Last Story
  • Skies Of Arcadia
  • Tales Of Series,as a whole

    *Note that my Top 5s change fairly often,as there are always very close candidates.

  • The King of Trainers is back/ISSHU DEX!!

    As the title said,my addiction to Pokemon came back,almost single-handlely thanks to Himiko,my Gardevoir(And my team's star,though not the strongest).I grew pretty attached to her and then came my self-promise to max this team to LVL.100. I ...

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    My 2nd Pokemon Team

    As soon as I get my DS back,I'll be building this team.


    With my 1st team's current perfection,I guess I can afford a 2nd team that I'M also going to perfect

    Black and White Trailer

    I think I'm seriously getting this game!5th Gen looks so awesome so far!
    I love the new pokemon too!
    (I always thought there wasn't enough pokemon with the 4th gen..I mean,think about it,we pretty much only use evolved forms so that makes,what,200 pokemons or maybe less)

    Now,for the next Pokemon game on Home Console!