Lately,I've been more in a mood for anime watching
So I started focusing on watching series and finishing anime I left on-hold
Aniem I've been planning to finish includes:

#1:HighSchool of the Dead
A very strange,yet interesting mix of ecchi and zombie gore.I never saw that before,so it's stinging my interest
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#2:Sengoku Basara 2
The sequel of the very manly anime Sengoku Basara.Definitely not for you if you want a deep,complex plot but if you want to turn up your testosterone level to eleven,look no further
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I got trough half the anime series and finished the manga series.I really want to finish this with DVDs,instead of watching it online.Manliest anime ever.Completely overloaded with ecchi.
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#4:Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Being a big fan of the first 2 seasons,I gotta finish that season too!Seeing my little adorable heroines becoming adults is so awesome
I'm curious about the new generation of heroines!!
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#5:Sekirei:Pure Engagement
Like StrikerS,it is my duty as fan to finish this series as well.And there was a lot of cliff-hangers in the 1st season too
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#6:XXX Holic
I'm quite curious about it.And I'm not quite familiar with CLAMP,so it might be good start..
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#7:UFO Valkyrie Princess
The main reason for this one is because they sold the DVDs at a rather low price :smile: And because I like ecchi show so much :cool: XD and it got 4 seasons so why not?
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8)Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
Being a fairly popular anime,I want to finish it.Plus,the ideas were funny and original so why not?And I watched the Christmas Special,so there's no turning back!
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9)Asu no Yoichi
This series looks like one of high caliber.And nice looking girls.I wish the DVDs weren't so expensive though
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And finally,

That 2nd season must be watched.At all cost.I won't allow myself to die until I watched it (this and some other anime of course..).
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There are some others,like Working!!,but I'll skip those for now..

Pretty nice list,uh? :D