The King of Trainers is back/ISSHU DEX!!

As the title said,my addiction to Pokemon came back,almost single-handlely thanks to Himiko,my Gardevoir(And my team's star,though not the strongest).I grew pretty attached to her and then came my self-promise to max this team to LVL.100.
I was also finding to make 2 particular members of the team more efficient namely Himiko and Kurojin(my Houndoom).I spent some time in the HOLY UNIVERSITY OF SMOGON,I finally learned a way to make both of them MUCH stronger;There are special berries that would allow me to customize their stats even more!(though,that little trick works only on HG/SS apparently).Producing those berries would allow me to make my pokemon's stats perfect!!

I've revisited my prototype new team and plan to start it as soon as I get my other DS back.

And all those other teams I was planning will wait until I get Pokemon Black.

I loved almost all the news but some were absolutely AWESOME(I'm looking at you,Urgamoth).New typings appeared though I wished:

-Jaroda AKA.Smuglord(Grass Starter) would be a Grass/Dragon.Otherwise,he came the exact way I wanted him to be

-Embroar AKA Ganon(Fire Starter) SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRE/DARK.OR FIRE/GROUND.OR FIRE/POISON...ANYTHING but another Fire/fighting.Probably my only major disappointement this Gen

-Ononokusu.It would've been awesome if that beast was Dragon/Bug(because he looks like a mantis),though really,he's going to be popular so I'm not using him.

Otherwise,this Gen is my favourite and Urgamoth is tied with Gardevoir,Milotic and Sceptile as my favourite Pokemon that I'm absolutely using

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