Catherine (Review) -Unfinished-

Back in 2011,Atlus latest game they kept on advertising was a game that went by the name of Catherine.Along with the...Interesting ''Love Is Over'' edition,knowing that the Persona Team was behind it got me interested...But I was broke at the time,so I let the game go until I felt ready for it.
Goes almost a year later,where I got to try the free demo (though I was completely un-spoiled for once),I grabbed The Love Is Over Edition and after a literal full day of staring at the amazing boxset,like a nostalgic lover,I finally unpacked the boxset and start playing the game...

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(it's every bit as ''adult'' as it looks...)

Despite being made by the Persona Team,the game has little in common with it,both in gameplay and atmosphere (barring the focus on relationships);Catherine has a much more adult atmosphere with about every characters being adults reaching their forties (the youngest character by far is 19..)

The Story is actually very untypical of a video game as well;Vincent has been with his girlfriend Katherine for 5 years.However,Katherine is starting to feel a bit impatient at her boyfriend's lack of ambition and even starts urging him to upgrade their relationship (as in marriage),causing the latter to feel pressured about it.So pressured,he gets himself drunk;so pressured,he finds himself easily seduced by the admittedly very sexy Catherine and...You know.The next morning,he finds himself in his room, having just woke up from a terrifying nightmare he can't remember...with a naked Catherine sleeping next to him;This is the beginning of a harsh week of successive freak-outs,and deadly nightmares...