Here I shall post about my Otaku life here. Who I meet, and shtuffz that happens. Guest posters? Of course they're welcome!

Lol thought this was too funny

You say pink
I say black
You say Joe Jonas
I say Bill Kaulitz
You say Holister
I say Hot Topic
You say Hip-Hop,
I say Pop/Rock.
You say high heels
I say high tops
You say I'm Punk
I say It's better than being a prep
You say I'm weird
if u agree put this on your world

Here I will be talking about random shiz that may get me in trouble sometimes

~My OC~

Full name: Kuri Shirayuki
Age: 17
Height: 5'4
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: currently Sky Blue
Appearance: Semi-pale complexion, flawless skin, snakebites on lower lip (2,) eyebrow piercing on left eyebrow, scene clothing.
Abilities: Succubus/Siren powers
Personality: Laid-back. Kind of shy, but always helpful. Hates to use her powers to actually grt guys. Can be found either on the roof, cleaning, or spying on things. Hates that people think she's like all others who wear scene styles.


MEEEEEP!!! IM SOOO HAPPY!!!! 'Nuff said. <3

These kids on chat. ewe

Allamorph piles Panda on top of elf
firezero: yep lol
firezero pies alla
Allamorph stacks Zero on top of Panda

pandabearluv piled o3o
firezero looks at alla
Allamorph balances Moka atop Zero
Allamorph steadies.....

teapartyprincess: o3o
firezero why us
Allamorph reaches for Chris
Moka keeps her balance
I See Chris blocks :3

I See Chris: brb
Moka Thanks.
I See Chris went away.
Allamorph balances
pandabearluv: >____<
pandabearluv: I
Moka I can see my house from here.
pandabearluv: DONT
pandabearluv: LIKE
pandabearluv: THIS
pandabearluv flails
teapartyprincess puts the balancing act in a ring of fire

pandabearluv: NOOOOOOOO
pandabearluv: TTOTT
Allamorph picks up Tea
teapartyprincess: there that should help with balance
teapartyprincess: wha!?!??!!?!?
teapartyprincess: unhand me!!!
pandabearluv cries TT_TT
teapartyprincess: i need an adult!!!!!!
Allamorph puts her on Panda's lap
Allamorph: there
Allamorph: You have a teddy bear.
pandabearluv cries more "i dun like being stacked" T_T
firezero: lol
teapartyprincess put on panda's lap!?!?!? "how you doin'?"
firezero takes a pic of this now

pandabearluv: OH MY
pandabearluv: GOD
teapartyprincess: XD
pandabearluv: XDDDDD
pandabearluv: ;D
pandabearluv: XDDDD
pandabearluv: lmfao
pandabearluv: i love joey
Moka NO
pandabearluv: v_v
firezero will sale them to
Allamorph obviously fixed the problem
Moka I'm on top of you!
Moka Stop moving. oAo
teapartyprincess: sadly this isnt the first time someone put me on another person's lap
teapartyprincess: >:}
pandabearluv: >.>
teapartyprincess holding a feather
Allamorph: You don't seem to sad about it.
pandabearluv: ..............
teapartyprincess uses it to tickle zero
pandabearluv: QAQ
teapartyprincess: panda im helping you lose weight
teapartyprincess: ^^
LoveLifeForever forgot about chat and now is lost
pandabearluv: ok @w@
Moka topples off the pile because tea tickled zero and he moved

teapartyprincess catches moka in a net and sets her down
pandabearluv: omg
teapartyprincess: we're a circus act now???
pandabearluv: what i would give for a cookie cake right now
Allamorph: apparently
Allamorph: @_@
firezero: lol
Moka climbs back on top of the pile
Allamorph deftly juggles the stack and sets them each down, in a neat row, by height
Allamorph bows

And this is why I love you guys

This whole "theO family" thing

The people here, they're our second families most of the time. We're just that close. But, i've noticed something. People either post nothing at all about their Otaku families, or they post only about 1 member period. We have worlds dedicated to our families, too.

Well, I just wanna let y'all know that I love y'all equally. And there's a buttload of love @_@


if any of youz has Facetime, you can Facetime me at

How Lucky am I?

How lucky am I? To have such great friends as all of you here? There are no words to express my gratitude to you all for just...being there. Like,i'm so grateful. Thank you all.