Phone call with Chis

So, yesterday I was feeling kinda down. I decided to call Chis because, well, I hadn't in a while. So, I did. It started out kinda awkward, but after a while, we really weren't making sense. Like, he'd say something, and i'd be all "Whut?" and he'd be all like "Huh?" and i'd be all like "I dunno! I'm sorry!" and then he'd tell me to stop apologizing. xD but apparently my laugh is contageous because whenever I laughed, so would he. Which would make me laugh. So, most of our 1,000,000 year conversation was laughing (more 110 minutes) so yeah.

Chis, I really am glad I called you. I seriously wasn't feeling myself last night, and I didn't wanna rant everything on Judge because it felt wrong (sorry, Judge. Love ya still <3). So, thanks for being there for me ^^. Lylab <33