Welcome to Otome Games Otaku! This is an area about games directed toward the female aduience. In otome games the main goal, besides the plot goal, is to develop a relationship between the female player character and one of several male charaters. This particular game genre includes Visual Novels and Simulation games (like Dating Sims)...

This world will include information about games, links to download some, and etc!

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ARiA Visual Novel

Ohh, another feature! (These do count as features, right? XD)

Alright, today I want to introduce you to deviantART’s Rai-ex! He is a handsome model who doesn’t mind cosplay (actually, he really enjoys it) and an awesome artist. He is making a visual novel inspired by the Vocaloid song ARiA [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOT0SCCYblw]. The name of it will be - ARiA: The One Who Fell from the Stars. Rai-ex is also putting the game on YouTube to be an interactive video game. The YouTube channel also has several bonuses, like little animations like this:

Isn’t it cute~? <3

About the game: (copied from Rai-ex)
The story follows you as the main character that has just come to a new town. As you progress and meet friends you learn about the different hardships each character has been dealing with along with their abnormal personalities. While meeting new friends one day while staying late at school you see a girl staring out the window, you've never seen her till now. She continues to stare up at the sky and the only thing she says to you is "What are the stars to you?" After that unusual things start to happen, accidents happening, people missing and each day stars keep vanishing from the sky, what does it all mean...who was that girl...

All of Rai-ex’s fans are excited for this game. It is not complete, but is about 50% done.

For Rai-ex’s profile on dA so you can stay updated: Rai-ex
ARiA the Game’s YouTube: HERE

South Park BL Dating Sim

Again... another BL dating sim?! In the same day?!

Okay, so I don't know much about South Park (seriously, all I know is what the characters look like and that Kyle is a Jew) but I've found a some nice dating sims for it. One that I've just finnished playing is by ChessLeChat, and this is the one I will talk about. The other dating sim will be talked about in another post.

Oh, and before you play, please read the Author's Comments, especially before you say anything about game problems.

Anyway, in this dating sim you play as Kenny, and your choices of love intrests are Stan, Kyle, and Craig. Although it is short, it is a very cute and funny game (in my opinion)
also in my opinion, Craig is the hardest to get...

The total game endings you can get are 12. 3 for Stan, 4 for Kyle, and 5 for Craig. (I still have yet to get all of them...)

The music for this game is cool and the art is seriously amazing! I loved this game even though I know about NOTHING about South Park, and am not a total fan of BL...

and now I have nothing else to say...
You can find the game here: South Park Dating Sim by ~ChessLeChat

Otome Game Website

Someone on facebook found a website with otome games in English! I'm going to play some of the games, and if I find any good ones (i mean, all dating sims are great - their creators put so much work and effort into making them but if I find one I really want to reccomend) I will post here. But don't be hesitatent to play!

Otome Games in English Website

Also, if anyone wants to show me any Otome games they like, don't be afraid to tell me about them!! :D

Yaoi Sim Date

Hey, haven't been on for a while, so I decided to talk about a game I've played in the past! It's a dating simulation, but I don't believe this counts as an otome game... But I'll make up for that later. Okay, so I'm not a big fan of yaoi/s...

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Dating Sims (Info and Downloads)

As said above in the Introduction, Otome Games (translated Maiden Games) are games for girls. One of the most popular games of this genre is Dating Simulations. You may already know what a dating sim...

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