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All the original hosts have graduated but the club still lives on. Now there is a new group of Hosts. If you want it can have both boy and girl hosts. An people can sign up to either be a Host or a fan. But there should only be a limit to how many hosts there can be. Also we should have some people make some ocs for Labelia. So probably about 8 hosts should do.

I Hope you Have A good time at Ouran!

Clueless101-Fang Niiro
gaarasgurl10-Aki Yamazake
Me-Kagami Ine
Cat14-Satu Valo and Lilith Valo
Artgrrl-Riku Honda
XxXWinXGirlXxX-Mia Huoh
inufluffy12-Usagi Hanazono
Hulaberry32-Sakura Ai and Yui Amaya
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Letter Contest Operation Secret Admirer!!

Date Points
These are points you earn from dating any host of choice.
Fang Niiro-100
Aki Yamazake-100
Sato Valo-100
Riku Honda-100
Sakura Ai-100
Mia Huoh-100
Yui Amaya-100
Usagi Hanazono-100
Lilith Valo-100

I have an idea

~Fang~ The rest of the group left Katara alone so she could talk with the Labelia girl. “I hope she’s alright.” Kagami said glancing back occasionally at the garden. “I’m sure she’s fine, K...

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I've Missed You...

~*Katara*~ “Long time no see Katara,” I looked up and saw one of the girls that was from lobelia. I just glared. I hated them all, they were fake, every last one of them. Then it hit me. How did she know my name? Usagi ...

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We don't bite XD

~Usagi~ “Long time no see Katara,” said a feminine voice, and everyone turned to see who had spoken. Everyone was silent for a few moments after realising it was one of the girls from Lobelia that we had seen earlier. I ...

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Im SRRY!!!

SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG!!! The winner of the contest is Clueless101...yay!!! -is in rush- -panicing- IM SRRY!! I FAILED AS A VICE PRESIDENT!!! PLEASE KEEP POSTING!! I HAVENT BEEN ON CUZ OF ME INTERNET!! PLZ?!!

The Exaggerating Kagami Ine


Sakura and I left the amusement park soon after meeting the Host Club. Sakura was still mad a seeing their faces and was going on about the dance. I was lost in my own thoughts. The girl on the bench had looked just like Katara. We had bee...

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