Dead Beat,An Artistic Rythme! (Or however you spell that...)

Sorry for not posting on here,I have been busy with school and a organized scheduel..but since it's the weekend,I am now free!! :D

I'm not sure so far...the dance is tomorrow and we have no clue so far..," Kagami sighed. "Oh well...maybe we should vote first."

Fang stood up and smiled with a long sigh. "SO it's settled! We shall let the others vote!" He said,raising his fist in the air with triumph.

A sweat dropped and she nodded slowly as she got up."I guess you can say that."

"I'll be in the other room,is that alright for now,Fang?" Kagami smiled,pointing her thumb to the other room.He didn't hesitate to nod and the both went their seperate ways.She silently close the door behind her,making sure he was done.

"I guess out work here is almost done!" She exclaimed to herself as she sat on the bed,with her hea dlying gentley on the pillow.She opened the notebook she was working on,and on the page was a piece of artwork she has been working on.It was a boy and a girl,embracing each other with grace,it had detail and nothing was missing so far.

"Hello,old friend." She smiled when she continued her work.At age 10,she was known for her artwork and was a talented creator,Kagami would do anything for supplies.She continued to for a while before she decided to stop.