I'm clearly lost in the perfect dream.
And I'm simply to afraid to wake up



Uploading soon man!


Still working on that paint stain >< making tea as well :D

I'm planning some kind of lolita piece too

Debating on letting the headpiece stay :|


holy crap...

(And PS my news papers in my WIPS are blotted or blured out to protect information.)


School, painting, 500 dollar cell bill. blah.

New canvas though, biggest one yet


I'm back from Vacation!!!! :> It was really fun, along with come seriously funny parts too (seeing a raccoon at the amusment park, witnessing a huge drunken fight and some other things.

I meet Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer (from KISS) at the KISS coffehouse,

I even got Eric to sign a drawing of him I drew :) I got my ears pierced for the 2nd time and got some pretty feather earrings too.

About the fight...just drunk African Americans, someone ended up getting stabbed and they had to be carried out on a stretcher. I watched the entire thing through the peephole on my hotel room...one word. SAILORMOUTH!!