I made this world to post things I like, or simply tell you about myself. For litterature and/or other artistic vents, please visit "Sparkle's Hideout". For a more personal look at my life, I will be posting things in another world called "Master of the Guard". I will be linking these here later, yet for now anyone can just go to my profile and click.

My favourite Movie/Book series and one of my childhood favourite singers.


Guess who has a new challenge!

No it isn't me. I still have to rate my old one. That should be done this monday.

Your OC

In exchange for a lil sumtin-sumtin I've decided to advertise this on my world.


Senior Otaku

I am now a Senior Otaku! Yay! It must must have been that Rebecca Hawkins practice sketch I submitted (thank you, Greg). This site needs to see that we`re willing to put initiative in what we do. Well, I`m trying to draw her main monster, L...

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Another picture

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Constructive criticism

I was really hoping to make an e-card with this, yet I don't have any programs or even an internet connection on my home computer. Oh, well. I hope you all enjoy it.

Whatever crawled up your ass and died?
You're depressed, there's something eating you inside.

Tell me about it. Just free your your little mind
Of the burden that has you in a bind.

Is there any more I can do?
You still look pale, your attitude blue.

The more you say, the more I know.
All those harsh feelings you now let go.

I dedicate this poem to all of my friends that are going through a hard time right now.

Nothing happenning

I'm not really getting very far. I have over fifteen real decks and 3 online decks that I can never use. Of course it isn't legal for me to use my online decks as I don't actually have the cards, yet the least I could do is find someone of m...

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